u all help me

drlubnazubair(hyd PAK)February 8, 2005



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lemon juice whitens the skin...

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A traditional Southern remedy was to use buttermilk or sour milk to lighten suntanned skin.

I can't think of any herbal remedies that are safe to use.

The best approach is to use sunscreen - really strong sunscreen - and avoid the sun.

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ummmmmmmmmmmm........... why would you want to whiten your skin?

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johnyb(QLD Aust)

Ask Michael Jackson

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

If you are REALLY looking for a research project fine...... if you want to lighten your own skin you have nothingg to be ashamed of...... in many cultures skin lightening is common and the "notion" that dark skin is bad is common too..... however just because the notion is common doesn't mean that it is okay..... I'm sure your skin is just fine how it is! However as stated sunscreens work..... I've heard rosehip seed oil has lightening effects as well as linden and elderflower.... I've also heard papaya and honey as a whole...... and as stated the lemon juice..... regular exfoliating could help the skin look lighter and brighter....
Please be forwarned that the chemical lighteners are VERY dangerous and it wise of you to seek out herbal remedies first.... please DON'T resort to these chemical lighteners if you MUST MUST MUST lighten your skin.....
Also remember skin really doesn't want to "change" color unless it does so on its own.... strong lighteners are dangerous and will probably end up ruining your skin..... any of the above or afore e mentioned lighteners are gentle and may help with TIME.... I say may because I have no real proof of any of them..... but most are gentle and accessible enough that they're worth a try.......
And if you're working on your English (not to be picky) but in English questions are generally written first as the first word.... i.e. not have u anyone know etc. but Does etc. anyone know of........ And duelly is not necessary or proper in this usage...... much would work better..... :)

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And if the original poster is interested in vintage English expressions, there's that one about the pot and the kettle... ;)

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There is a chemical or treatment of some kind which works in reverse, It was used by a white journalist, in the '70's, to infiltrate the deep south as a black.
I beleive the name of his resulting book was,"Black Like Me".
also there is a group of people, in the Appalachin Mountains,who are blue. They can take an oral medication to remove the blue from their coloring.Fact article OMNI Magazine pre 1982."The Blue Men...of Appalachia"
you may be able to google on these to find something about your question. seems that if two are possible the third might be.
But, I don't know of any herb which would accomplish it.
I know Appalachin,is misspelled. SPIKE, when do we get spell check?

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It depends on what your purpose of lightening your skin is. if it's because of discoloration, birthmarks, sun spots, freckles, or uneven skin tone, you might wanna try NeuCell. It's an effective skin lightener with natural fruit oils as ingredients. Used it myself and did worked after two weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: NeuCell Skin Lightener

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Our spammer may be unaware that he/she is posting to a six-year-old thread and most of the participants are long gone.

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