Multivitamin Anyone?

sam_mdFebruary 21, 2010

I know that this is a herbalism forum but I'll bet someone here will know the answer to my question about multivitamins. I take one every day. I think that the supplement facts on the back of the bottle are pretty much standard. Couldn't help but notice while most of the listings are 100% DV, phosphorus was only 11% and potassium was only 2%, why is that? Also, what kinds of foods, or herbal supplements are rich in phosphorus & potassium?

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It's extremely hard to be phosphorus or potassium deficient ... the stuff is everywhere.

Potassium: potatoes and Morton's "Lite Salt"
Phosphorus: dunno, I've never heard of anyone except a kidney dialysis patient having problems with it. Bones and red meat, probably.

If you eat a varied diet, heavy on the fresh (or frozen) fruit and veggies light on the junk food and sweets, it's hard to be deficient in anything.

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Potassium is found in bananas,chicken. A lot of multis are a waste of money because they don't have enough of anything in them. Nor are they balanced.

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