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trudyjean82(z8SWGA)February 12, 2008

Magnolia Blooms. I'm asking here because yawl are so smart an are so knowledgeable. A coworker today was being goofy an nibbled (sorta) on a petal of a Japanese Magnolia bloom. Later on he told me that it had made his tongue an mouth numb an his entire body painless. He's had problems with his shoulder an is on light duty, but for a brief moment he was no longer in pain. Said it didn't last that long, but I think it kinda scared him. He wanted to know what it could have been in the blooms natural make up that would have caused this. The tree where I collected the blooms would not have been sprayed with anything just so ya know. I have tried to google info about it but get nothing. Thanks, trudy

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Tell him not to worry - many plants have a little toxin of one kind or another in them, often the type that numbs tongues, etc. for a short time, but by now the effect has probably worn off (as he said). What that particular chemical was I don't know - may be a variation of similar, if not same, ones that are in other plants, but unless a particular plant is well known to be dangerous, don't worry about them, it's quite common.

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Thank you Lucy.

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