geographic tongue (GT) cure

ktgagnonFebruary 19, 2006

I am currently getting a PhD in Biochemistry at NCSU and study alternative/natural health in my free time. I am under the impression that the root cause of geographic tongue (GT) is yeast (candida albicans) overgrowth in the gut, as many have hypothesized before. All the symptoms fit for that of a strong yeast infection of the gut. It manifests its presence in many of the symptoms which match accounts of GT and things that cause flareups or give relief. For example, yeast overgrowth is known to disrupt B-vitamin metabolism and absorption, hence reports of B-vitamin deficiency as a cause and the use of B-vitamin supplements to help relieve the problem.

In short, grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is a very effective compound against all fungal infections. I have used it to successfully kill ringworm in a single application. I recommend for GT, swishing out the mouth with a strong solution of GSE morning and night after brushing the teeth, and also drinking some twice a day. This will have profound positive results.

I also refer you to a group who has made it their mission to educate about candidiasis and offer up an excellent treatment that will destroy the root cause of GT, which is almost invariably candidiasis. They are and the websit is:

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Is this another ad?

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Website set up to market supplement products - check
Dubious claims about yeast overgrowth (i.e. causes weight loss or gain, "brain fog" etc.) - check
Lack of research references onsite - check
Brand-new GW registrant promoting site - check

Here is a link that might be useful: When in doubt, blame Candida

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I'm 53 and have had GT since I was in my twenties. Approximately 4 years ago, I found a cure. It works GREAT for me.
I posted on another GT forum at Gardenweb and can't find it, so now I'm posting here.
First, GT can be caused by a number of factors. I believe mine is all the dental work I've had done. I think I may have an underlying allergic reaction to all my dental work.
B vitamins, zinc, and candida cures didn't do a thing for me. Just like many people on this forum, I took it upon myself to look for a cure.
I found one medical report of GT being treated sucessfully with a topical solution of Retin-A. This is a liquid version, not the gel or cream. Although in the study I read (Google geographic tongue and retin A and you should pull up the name of the researcher and the journal it was published in), the strength they used was 0.10%, the strength I used was 0.05%. I apply it twice a day with a q-tip and then spit it out. Depending on the severity of the outbreak, it always clears up within 3-5 days. The first time I tried this treatment, my tongue felt smoother then I could ever remember it feeling. It's amazing.
The last time I went in for a refill (the small bottle I get lasts me about 6 months), I was told the manufacturer had stopped producing it. Imagine how I felt. The next time I had an outbreak, I tried the gel and it didn't work. Eventually, I had the thought to try a compounding pharmacy.
Hooray, they said they could make it. 3 to 5 days later, my tongue was perfectly smooth.
OK, here's the downside.
A 30 ml. bottle cost me close to $100. As the bottle lasts me 6 months, that's about $16 per month. I don't have insurance, but this treatment works so good and my tongue feels and looks so good, for me it's worth it. I can't believe I'm talking about how good my tongue looks, but it was embarassing to have someone make a comment about how my tongue looked when I was talking.
The other thing is oral Retin-A is contraindicated during pregnancy. I'm a guy, so this one doesn't apply to me.
This treatment works by speeding up the rate of cell division(this same way it works on the skin).
I got the prescription for this from my dentist, although I suppose an MD could do the same thing.
I hope this helps some people. Waking up with those white circles on my tongue and having it so sensitive to acidic foods and cofffee and chocolate was really annoying. So was having the sores move all over my tongue.

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Or you could just eat some yogurt? Candidias support group. this must be a joke.

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No joke. Google "Candida support group". This organism has been blamed for virtually every medical symptom and disease.

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Yeast is easy to kill though. Vinegars and yogurt clear it right up.

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I have had GT approx 13 years and I understand your frustration everyone. I truly believe the root cause is in the intestines which I have recently begun addessing through Candida fighting herbs and Probiotics such as Acidolphilus. (I know I spelled that wrong). I have been doing this for approx 4 weeks and there is a profound difference in the frequency of outbreaks. I was getting them almost constantly and now I have had only 2 in 4 weeks. Oil of Oregano (liquid form) has been working well when GT is active. I mix 5 drops in seltzer and gargel and drink it. To me it has benefited me enough for me to post it here but I believe the root cause is the intestines. I hope this helps. To be continued...

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catnip7(z6 NJ)

Great website is

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