Great Burnet for menopausal symptoms?

jeanneFebruary 7, 2005

Menopause has greeted me in a most peculiar way - my flow started six weeks ago, and it has not stopped. An ultrasound revealed the presence of several small fibroids and an ovarian cyst, but nothing that would explain my symptoms. The Dr. believes I have stopped ovulating, he prescribed a limited supply of progestrin which helped for a few days but lost it's efficiency quickly.

I've started taking supplemental iron, but it hasn't helped much with the fatigue and dizzy spells, which are gaining in intensity. I'm considering using a decotion of Great Burnet rootstock to relieve the symptoms. If anyone has experience with using this herb I'd appreciate any advice, contraindictions, or possible alternatives if they would be more applicable. I'll be discussing this with my Dr. when I see him later this week, but any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Ain't Menopause GRAND? I don't have a suggestion, but it sure sounds scary! I am not brave enough to prescribe for that kind of thing... Good luck!

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I think I'll reserve judgement on menopause being grand, lol! I've breezed through the hot flashes and night sweats, but this has been a nightmare.

After leaving a message and not hearing back from the nurse, I browsed the web this morning looking for any information on similar occurances. I am pleased to say that ibuprofen was suggested on a few different pages, I tried it and have had good results - at least good enough to keep me going for a few more days, until the Dr.s appt.

I may survive menopause after all. ;)

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vanbergc(z5 Denver)

Just went to an herbal class on menopause with an instructor who had bleeding problems just like yours. Here's what she suggested: ..."vitex, wild yam, yarrow, lady's mantle, black haw, and peony. To help stop bleeding, tincture of Shepard's purse can be very effective, don't overdo it. Cinnamon tea or spice is also helpful. Avoid blood thinners such as red clover, high doses of C, Midol, aspirin, ginko, and alfalfa while bleeding." Other things were suggested, but this was the heart of the herbal recommendation. Good Luck!

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Vanbergc, thanks. That is some extremely useful information. Shepherd's purse grows quite happily in my garden, since a tincture is rather time consuming I'm following Lust's recommendation of an infusion, a mouthful at time.

I'm not familiar with the use of vitex although I've seen it mentioned several times in my reading. Which part is used?

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johnyb(QLD Aust)


Withania (W. somnifera)is a herb specific for fatigue states due to is high in iron, and has a tonic effect generally. Try 3-6g of dried root divided into several daily teas. May be useful until you are feeling stronger.

The fruit of the Chaste Tree (Vitex) is used. This is a very effective menopausal herb if taken for a prolonged (more than a month)_period. DO NOT take this herb with any HRT therapies your doctor may prescribe such as progestrin.Also DO NOT take Dong Quai if you are bleeding heavily, as this is sometimes found in health food store menopausal "blends", as is contraindicated for such.

For hot flushes Sage is very good, especially if night sweats acompany them, if you are unable to attend an herbalist, just a handful of fresh leaves in a teacup, add hotwater and steep 10 mins, then drink as required. 3-4 cups/day should help.

Depending on your case presentation, other herbs to be entertained may include; St John's Wort, Helonias Root, Wild yam, Black Cohosh, Ladies mantle, Shatavari, Oats, Motherwort, Licorice, Rehmannia. Of theses herbs, only 4-6 would be given at any one time depending on your case evaluation, history and hormone test results.


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Jeanne -
If you've been bleeding for SIX WEEKS it's about time for the doc to actually do something. The fatigue and dizzy spells means you are running short on blood, getting severely anemic, and need some serious intervention. Chronic bleeding tends to use up the platelets faster than you can produce them, which leads to more bleeding ... etc.

Also avoid ginseng.

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The Shepherd's Purse was a godsend, my period finally stopped Tuesday night.

I had my latest appt. today, the Dr. agrees with you, lazygardens. My hemoglobin went from 11.4 on Jan. 25th to 8.3 on the 8th. I got another blood sample taken today, hopefully it will have come up since then. I should have the results in a day or so.
The Dr. has referred me to a ob/gyn. My blood pressure is way up, 158/85. I am feeling a bit better, but I'll be eager to see what the specialist says.

John, thanks so much for the info on vitex and the other herbs. The Shepherd's Purse worked so well I don't think I'll be using anything else unless the need arises, but I'm keeping all my replies just in case. All of the suggestions have helped me through this more than you can know.

My sincerest thanks to all who replied.

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what are you taking for dizziness if menopausal..I am feeling quite dizzy before period and after period.. I actully have had to hold on to counter or chairs during dizzy spells at work..It lasts just for moments at a time and one day it was all thru out the day the last part of my period.. any suggestions for dizziness??

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STOP the Ibuprofen - it's just like aspirin and will keep you bleeding longer and more than you can take. Your problem is fibroids (however 'minor' the MD made them sound!) and needs to be seen to right away.

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