ACV and Acid Reflux

cheryl_fFebruary 19, 2007

I have just finished reading every single posting on this site. I recently went to the emergency room twice in a week because the chest burning and back pains became unbearable at night. I thought it was my heart, but I have had an echo, ekg, stress test, etc. and everything came back ok except the mention of Mitral Valve Prolapse. The doctor said that it sounded like GERD. Never heard of it. I had heard of acid reflux though. They gave me this strong antacid cocktail to see if they were correct and what do you know - the pain was gone. They sent me home with a prescription for Aciphex. My insurance would not cover it so I had to go with Prevacid. I have been on it for about a week. The burning is gone, but I have had loose bowels. I got on the Internet to see what the side effects of Prevacid were and I din't like what I read. After reading the "safe" side effects I read that this stuff could lead to joint pain, chest pain, mood swings, hair loss and weight gain. Since I have been taking it, I have felt weird, - even a little depressed and somewhat tired. So, I started on my journey to find an alternative treatment for this. One note, I had noticed that I started to belch more, like my food was having trouble digesting, but I just figured that it was something that was occuring as I got older. I am in my thirties. I did take some of the ACV mixture and I experienced a little burning, but it went away (I did take a Prevacid this morning). I do not like the thought of having to be dependent on Prevacid for the rest of my life or that my body has become used to it and I need something stronger. I will try the vinegar mixture again tomorrow and see what happens although I am a little nervous. I was glad to see that people mentioned that dairy product made this flare up because I don't eat too much dairy maybe just cheese occasionally, BUT I have been drinking SlimFast for breakfast since the begiinning of Jan. so I wonder if this set it off. I will also get an appointment for further tests just to be sure. Thanks for the information contained here. I would love to hear any thoughts you guys and gals have.

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Another recent discussion on this subject.

GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease, a.k.a. acid reflux. Ways to avoid being on long-term medication for this problem include lifestyle changes (not eating late at night, elevating the head of the bed, losing weight, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes etc.).

There are people here who think apple cider vinegar is good for reflux and believe it lessened their symptoms. Others found that it made them feel worse, or are skeptical that drinking vinegar (an acid) for a problem caused by acid, is any different than hitting yourself on the head with a hammer to cure a headache.

As noted in this thread, enthusiasts claim that apple cider vinegar is wonderful for an enormous range of medical problems (including weight loss and weight gain). In my experience, folk remedies that are supposed to cure everything wind up not being good for much of anything.

I generally have a salad with dinner that includes a (non-apple cider) vinegar-based dressing. Maybe that's what's totally stopped my acid reflux. Or maybe it's the Prilosec OTC. :)

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I would suspect Slimfast... that stuff scares me! what chemicals are in it? You may have a mild allergy to it or something. I have an allergy to sorbitol and it manifests as horrible colic.
I don't have to diet as I am a vegetarian... but there has to be a better way than down chemicals.

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I only have Slimfast with breakfast along with fruit and then eat a normal lunch and dinner. I am walking daily and I have seen some weight loss. I had ACV before my Slimfast this morning and today was ok. I am having another cup as I felt a bit strange (maybe in my mind). Perhaps the Prevacid in my system is making me feel ok today. I do not eat late at night and try to consume a good amount of water especially before bed. Eric, you siad the your acid reflux is gone. Tell me how you accomplished this. I am really looking for answers! Thanks in advance.

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

If your symptoms started with the Slimfast, why not try not using Slimfast for a few weeks to see what happens. Slimfast is basically just milk, fiber, flavourings and some vitamins. Some of the minerals in it could be irritating your stomach or, if you normally don't eat much dairy, it could be the milk.

Substitute a low fat muffin or low fat plain yoghurt for the Slimfast at breakfast and see how you do.

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Be careful of fruit and yogurt, as both are full of acid too.

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I noticed when I don't drink the Slimfast I didn't have the symptoms of Acid Reflux. When I wen tshopping I found that SlimFast now makes a lactose free and gluten free version. Maybe I will try this. To lucy5: The only fruit I am eating right now are peaches. I really try to stay away from things that are too acidic. I am still drinking a cup of the ACV mixture befire breakfast and at night and I have stopped taking the Prevacid. Things seem to be ok. I guess that I am chalking one up FOR the ACV treatment of acid reflux Eric_oh.

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I don't think you have any way to know for sure.

If you've stopped drinking Slimfast or eating some other trigger food that could be why your reflux is better. Or if you just stopped taking the Prevacid it could still have some residual effect on reducing stomach acid. Or your esophagus had enough chance to heal while you were on Prevacid so that pain from reflux isn't noticeable. The existence of all these potential variables is why individual testimonials for any kind of drug or supplement are unreliable.

Long-term you're best off exploring which lifestyle changes may be applicable to your situation (not eating meals late in the day, avoiding alcohol and trigger foods, losing weight etc.) so that possibly you won't have to take any drugs or supplements in an attempt to stop reflux symptoms.

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Have your gall bladder checked. I took medicine for acid reflux for FIVE+ YEARS. When I finally developed the shoulder blade pain, my SIL, who is a nurse, said it was my gall bladder. I went back to the surgeon who was about to scope my stomach, when for a sonagram of my gall bladder and sure enough, I had gall stones -- and the condition of my gall bladder showed that I have had them for YEARS. Now the gall bladder is gone, guess what? I don't have stomach problems. Never did. It was always my gall bladder.

Not everyone has vomiting and drop dead pain with gallstones.

Oh, and do you know what caused the worst problems for me? Tea with milk and sugar. Go figure.

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