Berry Ripening Schedules?

thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near NashvilleFebruary 28, 2014

Could anyone provide me a link or source for some kind of schedule that shows which varieties of Blackberries ripen when? This way I can select a few early ones, late ones, and in between. The obvious goal being to spread out the harvest as much as possible.

At risk of asking for too much, I'd also love to see a ripening schedule for blueberries and raspberries. If you know where I could find such information (on any of the 3 or all 3) , please let me know.

I would have thought many people would want to know this information and that there would be many lists of various berry species and when they ripen. But my searches of Google and GW have revealed no such ready made list. Please help! Thanks folks.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Part of the problem is location, I saw in CA photos of the Nectaplum tree flowering there. Mine will not flower for at least 2 months from now. So you not only have to find a schedule, but one for your area. Fall bearing raspberries usually produce steady for a month or two, but they do start at different times. If you add Summer bearing or harvest summer crops off of fall bearing you pretty much harvest from July through November. I have about 20 cultivars and do harvest from late June to November.
I pick berries daily. Some are not that old, so I can't confirm harvest dates, because 1 and even 2nd year harvest dates shift as plant settles into location.
I'll try to make notes of harvest times though this summer of each cultivar. Although we are expecting a cold summer, so when or if we ever have a warm one again, all bets are off.
Adding a primocane fruiting blackberry can extend fall harvest. If you find out any info, let us know! I have seen some info here and there, but not much. usually nurseries give some info.

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thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near Nashville

THanks, Drew51. I've spent hours reading your posts and admiring your photos of your raspberry plants! I'm trying to learn about fruit trees and berries both and you really have been a wealth of information (aside from this question! ha). Thanks for the note. Of all places, I found some pretty good scheduling info on wiki's raspberry page, but of course we all have to take wiki information with a grain of salt. But if its correct, it does have a pretty good list of varieties broken down to when they produce fruit, which is what I'm looking for. But if anyone has any more dependable info on which variety produces when, please post here! (Rasp, black, or blue berry). Thanks again, Drew51.

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Here's some information from Fall Creek Nursery in Oregon.There are listings for Northern and Southern Highbush,Halfhighs and a few Lowbush.
Often Blueberry ripening times are expressed in terms like early,mid and late or a combination of those,like early-mid and mid-late.This covers areas in general better,than having to find a specific chart for your location.
There is also a link on their site for ripening times in Western Oregon(Northern Highbush) and Fresno,CA(Southern Highbush). Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Creek Blueberry Charts

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Nourse Farms has it's blueberries and raspberries broken down by season, worth looking at.

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thecityman, Zone 7a/6b near Nashville

both were a huge help...thanks!

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I tried to find information on relative harvest dates for blackberry varieties, but wasn't very successful. If you find something, please share.


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