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christinmk z5b eastern WAFebruary 10, 2014

I have two areas on my leg were there are mottled patches of darkened skin. I thought at first that it was a side effect of the medications I am taking (they alter my hormones), causing something similar to melasma.

Then, after doing a lot of searching, I figured out that it is in fact "Toasted Skin Syndrome"/Erythema ab igne.

It fits too. I've got this space heater by my computer and I often rest my leg on the chair next to it. The two patches coincide- they were closest to the heat source.

Needless to say I have stopped roasting myself, lol. I've read that the discoloration/hyperpigmentation can sometimes go away a few months after the heat source is removed. I wonder if you guys have any ideas on how to naturally lighten the patches if it doesn't go away or lessen on their own? I'd like to try starting with something natural and less harsh first, rather than jumping right to a hydroquinone cream.

Lemon juice is an obvious one. I'm sure there are other fruits as well. Are there any essential oils? I use various oils in my skin care regimen (jojoba, sometimes sweet almond) and think essential oils would be a bit easier to incorporate into daily use.

Thanks for any ideas!

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careful applying essential oils to the skin, especially undiluted. they are highly concentrated extracts so deserve some respect : )

perhaps try lemon juice, it's long been used for fading freckles. vinegar is said to work too. i've also read in a few old timey herbals that crushed mint leaves applied to the area every day for awhile has the same effect, always wondered if this would work. good luck with it!

good nutrition is key to healthy skin too so clean up your diet and add supplements as needed to fill nutritional gaps.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Thanks for the reply. Didn't know about mint.

Yeah, I always dilute them in a carrier oil.

I also just read that licorice root extract helps with pigment lightening. This sure is going to be an interesting medley of scents on my leg, lol.


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