Good book on Growing Medicinal Herbs (Plants)

lyonsy(10 CA)February 12, 2009

Title asks the question.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


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lyonsy(10 CA)

oops just saw a thread on this subject.

no need to respond


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Most newer garden books have sections on herbs. I recently found this, however: The Ultimate Herb Book" The definitive guide to growing and using over 200 herbs, by Anthony Atha, published by Barnes & Noble books-- found it in the front "gotcha" rack in the store. The only thing I disagree with is that almost every entry calls for "fertile soil" & in all my years of growing herbs I have noticed that the ones that have done the best have been the most neglected (yeah, but do water them, okay?). My veggies & flowers do great with compost-- it kills my herbs.

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Hi simplemary,
Weeds, a.k.a. herbs, are robust because their roots can use the local symbiotic mycorrhiza (which a vegetable seedling/plant generally doesn't foster a quick relationship with; ex: innoculated 1st time bean soil improves yield).
When applying compost it's micro-organisms can conflict with these herb plants' soil partners & they can be incompatable.
Compost's contents fluctuate in their release, fostering a distinct micro-flora & can alter the roots' ion conductivity; so, the nutrient boost you expect doesn't show up as a healthier herb.
I am sure some herbs can benefit from improving the soil.

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Thank you for solving a 20 year mystery, gringojay.

Who was it that said a weed was simply a flower in the wrong place?

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