Planting Blueberry and Grape Plants

mzcountrychicFebruary 22, 2013

I picked up a blueberry plant and two white seedless grapes. Do I have to wait til the chance of frost is over before I plant them? The weather has been mostly mild, but we have dipped down in temps a few times. Also, the blueberry plant doesn't say anything about pollinating or self-pollinating?

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bencjedi(6 - Central Kentucky)

I'm not too sure about when to plant them. I think I put mine in April of 2007 and we were still in danger of frost.

As for the blueberry it is a good idea to have at least 2 plants and each being a different variety that blooms about the same time. The cross pollination has been found to increase production. I am not sure if they are self pollinating or not.

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The blueberry will be happiest if it goes into the ground sooner, rather than later. Is it still dormant, or has it sprouted green leaves and started to flower? It's best if the blueberry shrub is dormant when planted. Blueberry shrubs are native plants, and they have natural resistance to frost. There are some varieties sold for planting in the south, that are less tolerant of frost, so you have to specify the variety.

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I just picked up another blueberry plant. The package just said to mulch to protect it from frost. Went out and bought some mulch. How far apart should I plant them? They are both Blue Ray. They are both dormant, one has a tiny leaf.

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It depends on how big you intend to let them get. Blueberries can turn into small trees if you let them.

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Commercial blueberry growers typically space the shrubs at 8 feet. Our blueberry shrubs do fine 4 feet apart, and 3 feet is OK. What happens when they are closer together is that they get maybe 4 or 5 feet tall, and no higher. But they are still green and healthy, and they still make flowers and fruit. For maximum fruit per shrub, 8 foot spacing is best.

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