East Coast plum cuttings wanted, preferably Shiro

armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)February 22, 2013

Hey all,
I wanted to graft a plum variety onto what I believe is a japanese plum. It doesn't taste too good, so thought I'd see if anyone had some cuttings to graft onto a lower branch and eventually replace it if it stinks this year too...

I'm on the east coast, Philadelphia, PA.... I think I read scottfsmith report that Shiro and Satsuma are good here and maybe others (but you sacrifice best flavor for disease resistance on east coast)...
I have some stuff to trade, can email me on this site i think.

Just let me know,

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alan haigh

You don't sacrifice best flavor for disease resistance. Shiro is popular for reliable productivity- it is not more disease resistant than Satsuma or Santa Rosa.

Shiro has been more prone to cracking in wet weather at ripening time than Satsuma or especially Santa Rosa for me. They all can get brown rot and black knot.

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