any good?

drsassafras(6b ON)March 1, 2013

Hi folks,

I am thinking of buying tincture from a very interesting website located at

I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from them before and what they thought of the tincture.


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I make a great alcohol tincture of . . . sassafras. Want some?


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I have ordered from them before. They appear to be a small company. Very eager to please.

The quality of the tincture was better than most commercial tincture I have used. Found it to be very effective. You can't purchase from them in small quantity though, so if your looking for personal use, you are out of luck, but for a herbalist or someone who is gong through a large quality of tincture, the price is right & the quality is top notch.

That being said, they also don't have a large collection, so the tincture you want may absent. Its not a one-stop shop.

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drsassafras(6b ON)

Thanks Ryan,

I think I will go ahead with the order.

Herb Doctor, I was thinking of ordering a liter of sassafras. What potency is your sassafras, what part of the plant is is made from and what price + shipping can you offer it for?

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy Tincture

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I was kinda' kidding just because of your handle. I made a quart at 1:2 menstrum. It makes an easy "instant tea" in the winter when I need to take the chill off.

Do you have access to wild grown sassafras in your area? Do you know how to make it? (I only use the bark of the root) I can make it for about $20.00 for a liter/quart even with buying the dried bark from my herb brokers.


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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

If I was you I would make my own. Dr. Robert Morse, a naturopathic doctor out of port charlotte makes great tinctures. He uses them to cure people in addition to a raw food diet... His book has very great info about herbs and tinctures, and overall wellness in general - "Dr.Morse Detox miracle sourcebook"... His tinctures are $24 organic, wildcrafted.. But I would still save your money and make your own fresh.... He has hundreds if not thousands of YouTube videos talking about health. He cured hundreds if thousands of people. He is my go to for health.. He saved my life.

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