Jelly Jars

chrissy404(7B/8)March 12, 2005

If anyone has access to hotel size jelly jars, 1oz size I would be happy to trade some cuttings, seeds, plants for them. I use them for lip balms and herb oils I share with friends but I never get them back! I have a trade list if anyone can help me out. Thanks!

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I dont have any to trade but I have some suggestions. I gather all the jars I can from garage sales. People will take a buck for many jars. As for as jars I give stuff to friends in, I reuse relish/pickle jars from the store. I have my friends save the ones with a popup lid. they reseal, as they have a plastic seal not clay. I never had a jar break as long as you go cold to hot gradually. Dont reuse mayonaise jars, they break. I also reuse ice tea jars with popup lids for my syrups as they reseal also.

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Only a handful left but I have some 1oz "AC Round" clear vials. they are too tall for balms but great for some oils/extracts or as samplers.
a buddy sells these in his shop for $1.00 each but will surely trade providing you pre-pay shipping. they weigh roughly 20 grams a piece with caps. looking for anything on my want list + was considering hl MG b/c I have a nice north facing bare wall and no ideas. it's opposite this years veggie garden so i thought color for a change but any other suggestions or suprise welcome, i, like marie, love greenbeans so anything you think will do nice vertically against the wall is terrific. Used to run a local variety of string bean years ago along the same wall. You have a great trade list Marie, mine is empty so any help in the Heirloom dep't would be fantastic! I can fill a vial with pure fresh aloe from my new A. Vera pup for ya too if yer burnin' (you chicks MUST stop using those skin-cancer beds! lol) other than that i have not much to trade as i have started most everything and what has not been sown is going in.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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