How to Dry Herbs for Neck relief

dpinker1(z4 NY)March 20, 2005

Help. I've never dried herbs to use for medical purposes. I've seen the neck pads which they heat up in microwaves and need to know how to make one. Any idea's? I just recently found out I have a degenerated disc in my neck and the heat helps. I've heard lavender is great. Appreciate any follow-up.


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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Here's a link on "wheat Hot-bag". Lots of different ideas. Enjoy! Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Bag

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dpinker1(z4 NY)

Thanks for the info. I think I'll purchase one if I can find one for sale.

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Cricket48(z8 NC)

I use Jasmine rice to make a rice bag. I usually just sew up three sides of two pieces approximately 8 inches by 5 inches of lycra material - turn it so seams are inside, fill with nice smelling rice (like jasmine) and turn in the last side and top stitch with sewing machine making sure that rice is held back so it doesn't get under needle and break sewing machine needle. I usually store my rice bag in an old (or new plastic container) for which I have already lost the lid. The lid would only cause condensation and make the bag soggy which would detract from the experience. When I heat it in the microwave, I heat it for 3 to 4 minutes only and leave it in its container so no residual oil from microwave bottom contaminates the bag. When not in use, I keep it in its container. I put one in each of my suitcases so that I have them no matter what suitcase I have when I get to a hotel. The bag lasts and lasts amd smells nice when heated for use. I usually wrap it in a thin towel to avoid any burn should it get so hot because I often fall asleep with it under my neck. I guess one could add some dried herb but I have not found it necessary - maybe because I use the jasmine type rice.

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go to a chiropractor

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I've made various sized pillows for heating, and I use a couple in my practice (massage therapy). You can use rice, flaxseeds, buckwheat hulls, probably other stuff too. Flaxseeds are my preference for smaller pillows, rice mixed with flax for bigger ones. I try to use cotton or silk fabric.
Cut two rectangular (or whatever shape you want) peices of fabric a little bigger than you want your pillow to be, place the front sides together and sew about a half an inch from the edge all the way around, leaving a space open to fill the pillow. Turn pillow right side out, and fill with desired amount of seeds/rice and herbs (I prefer to not over-fill or make them too firm), then close it up sewing by hand. As far as dried herbs, I think it will probably be more a matter of what you like to smell, I'm not sure you'll get much therapuetic benifit from the herbs themselves..?? Anyway, try mint, that's the only thing I can think of that might have a bit of therapeutic affect. I personally love dried French Blue lavender in these pillows.

I would agree with the other poster that said to see a chiropracter... massage is also great for those dealing with pain (but I'm not biased ;) ) . Doctors will make people believe they just have to live with this sort of thing, till it gets to the point they tell you surgery is your only option. I deal with the people who went the surgery route and are trying to get back a normal life, it's a long road, and you never really recover.... so please, see a chiropracter... and a massage therapist. Not only could they help you find relief, they could give you a lot of tips to keep your body healthy and strong, without surgury.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mother Earth Pillows

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Have you tried glucosamine sulfate?
My neck was hurt seriously in a car accident and I had trouble for over 10 years.
Then i tried the above and after 12 months of taking it,70% of the pain is gone,along with my back,which hasnt been this good for over 10 years.
Make sure its the powder not the caplets,as the powder disolves quicker in the stomach and therefore into the bloodstream.

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I second Kevin NSW's input about glucosamine sulfate, but I take it in a drinkable form with MSM and some other stuff in an (appropriately enough) "Drinkables" concoction I get at my local BJ's outlet (similar to Sam's Club, associated with Wal Mart). I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis after being told for 10 years I had fibromyalgia, and about a half hour after drinking the stuff, which I mix with grapefruit juice, some of the pain dissipates.

Chiropractors and massage specialists are definitely the way to go, if you can find ones with the right skills.

Some herbs also help--primrose oil tablets help with inflammation, as does flaxseed oil, which can be used as a salad dressing. Hemp oil is good for salad dressings too (I think it's delicious) if you can find it. Omega 3 oils are what you need.

The other thing to remember is that, unless you keep moving, your cartilage is not fed by bodily fluids, as there are no blood vessels in it, and your cartilage will slowly die....

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eibren & kevin, that you for that info! I always want to be able to help others manage their pain and heal, beyond what I can do in the treatment room. So I appriciate your sharing that.

If you guys don't mind sharing, which brands you use and how much you take, just curious. I also have a sister who has after affects of Juvinile Rhuemetiod Arthitis who suffers on occation with knee pain and stiffness, and has limited range of motion, so I can pass that info along to her as well as suggest it to clients.

Thanks :)

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Jujubean,(what is a juju bean?)
I take 2 capsules a day,make sure its the powder NEVER the hard caplets as they dont disolve in your stomach quick enough.
Depending on where you live,do some research and find out if the liquid like Eibren was talking about has the same amount as a 1000mg capsule.

If it does then its best to have the liquid as it absorbed heaps quicker.

Here in Australia,the liquid is impossible to get,so Im stuck with the capsules.
When i first started taking it,i read on the net about how for substances like glucosamine,the gel on the capsule takes time to disolve.

When I first started to take it,i was in a lot of pain in my knees.One day i would just take the capsules and it would work to a certain degree...but when i emptied the capsules into water or tofu smoothies i have...the differance was much differance to how its absorbed and i felt the differance in how much pain I felt being relieved.

So if you can get the liquid,thats the way to go,but if not make sure when you start to empty the capsule in water or something else,esp if your pain is high and you are just starting to take it.

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dpinker1(z4 NY)

Wow, what great suggestions. Yes I went to a chrioprator and then got severe headaches and neck pain. I had a mri done and was sent to a specialist. He didn't feel I needed surgery but PT with massage. The first one was terrible for I just ended up with more pain. Started with someone new this week and he appears very good. He does specialize in the massage which helps. I have very bad foot, hand and knee pain that came on. Open to any suggestions. I do have a degenerated disc in my neck. I will try the glucosamine, I know I have some. I wasn't aware of the flaxseed and primrose. Guess I had better get my sewing machine in order so that I can make some of the pillows. They would also make great gifts since I can't work. I have grown all of my herbs this year and taken classes to make my own vinegars and mustards. That's the great part. Again thanks for so many tips, it's encouraging.

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dpinker1- I'm glad to hear your getting help! Chiros and MT's are just like any other profession, sometimes you have to go through a couple (or more) to get to a good one, so I hope you won't give up. Also, something good to remember- is that the healing process can be painful, but still neccassary- and it can be slow. If your pain is pretty severe, you may need to go with someone who has a gentle touch. I've noticed that a lot of MT's think they have to really dig deep to work on a deep level, when sometimes the lightest touch can be just what someone needs. Although many clients are so 'numb', they come in wanting to be, so they can feel something. Anyway, you might look into an MT that specializes in Myofascial Release. I'll leave a link so you can learn a little about it. Oh, and have you looked into using comfrey compresses, or applying comfrey oil directly? Also alternating hot and cold compresses over the afflicted area. Very hot, very cold- leave on just long enough to get really hot, then switch to cold, and so on for 20-30 minutes at a time. Better yet, a hot and cold shower. Hot as you can take, then cold as you can take, 1 minute intervals for several minutes. If you go extreme with that it's brutal, but you'll feel amazing after- really mello and calm and ready to go to bed, lol. This will help with pain, and encourage healing. Try it, it's fun!

Kevin, you don't know what a jujubean is? LOL.
Okay, well I think there is a candy you can by at the movies called jujubee's. Anyway, I was nine when my sis was born. She couldn't say my name, that starts with a 'J'. So it started out as 'ju', then progressed to 'juju', somehow 'bean' got added on. That's my story anyway, I've seen others use it as an I.D., so I guess my sis didn't actually invent it!.... weird. Thanks for the tips. I have heard that liquid form is the best way to take most things, if you can- including vit. c and magnesium and multi's, so what your saying makes sense. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Myofascial Release

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Hi Jujubean,

How do you make the comfrey compress? And also the comfrey oil? Can you make it yourself?

I just won 3 comfrey plants on eBay, and am looking forward to having them in my herb garden!

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Hi Virginia, I've never made a compress or oil with this- more my husbands dept. Anyway, I remember him using it to heal up a cut once. I asked him and he said he thought using it fresh, either leaves or root would be best. For oil you could put leaves in the blender with carrier oil of your choice, but you'd want to make very small batches and use it pretty quickly, store left-overs in the fridge. I was reading you can basically make a tea, then soak a towel in it to use as a compress. Or dip leaves into boiling water, let them cool enough to lay directly on skin. Here is a link that describes some other ways to do it, mostly using it dried- however, my thought would be- the fresher the more potent. I know a lot of people may not be comfortable with that though with all the warnings about comfrey.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comfrey, Nature's Bandaid

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habitat_gardener(z9 CA/Sunset15)

Re "all the warnings about comfrey": as far as I know, these warnings are only about the pyrrolizidine alkaloids that occur primarily in the root and the central rosette (the youngest leaves), and the warning applies only to comfrey taken internally. Used externally, perfectly safe. Anyone know any different?

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If you are going to go to a chiropractor,make sure you go to one that has been taught by a school that has a long history of chiropractic teaching and technique.

Make sure they have been taught the "Gonstead" way.This of course is my own opinion,but I have good reason to say this.

When my sister was 6, she was continually getting urinary tract infections.
She went to the Childerns hospital over here and they took an Xray to see what was going on.they disovered that a valve had not developed and the urin would flow the wrong way,and thus cause the infection.

They said there was a new operation that would fix this problem,but it was experimental,but that it was having success so they should seriously consider having this done.

My Mum is a nurse and had seen the results of these types of operations and didnt want it done,but they said they would come back in 6 months because they wanted to try something else.Needless to say the surgens were not to pleased but were confident my parents would be back for the operation.

My Grandfather was seeing a Chiroprator who used the Gonstead method,and in idle chatter to the Chiro,he mentioned his grand-daughter's problem.
The Chiropractor said that sometimes these problems can be linked to the spine being out of alignment,which crushes the nerves which dont allow the organs to fully develop.In this case the under-developed valve.

So he told my mum and my sister was taken to see him.He examined her and said this was the problem and would need the 6 months to get things the way they should be.

After this period,my parents went back to the childerns hospital,they took new Xrays and the surgen couldnt believe that it was my sister that the Xrays that my parents had with them were of my sister.The valve was fully developed !

This was 30 years ago when doctors hated Chiropractors,and they refused to accept what my parents had said.

Well it didnt matter as my sister didnt get another infection after being treated.

I had a hard birth as well with one leg being 25mm longer than the other.This at the age of 10 years.He fixed that as well.I was in a really serious car accident and he was able to get to me early and save me a lot of problems that would have developed because of serious neck injuries.

I have been to other Chiro's that have not had this training and some have been plain butchers,so if you want to have safe treatment,do a google search and find yourself a Gonstead trained will save you possibly being hurt or not getting proper treatment.

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