Golden Amber Apricot

Jennifer_Ruth(Z 10, Sunset Z 23)February 13, 2007

Hi, friends,

Does anyone know of a source for Golden Amber apricot? Bay Laurel Nursery is already sold out. I grew it about 15 years ago when I lived in Southern California, and it had absolutely wonderful flavor. Now that I have moved back to the same area, I would like to be able to grow it again. Thanks for your help!


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Jennifer, I assume you are not in Indiana anymore but are back in California (it probably won't do well in Indiana). Bay Laurel gets all their trees from Dave Wilson Nursery so I would look at the other places selling Dave Wilson trees. See link below. If you are in California now, there are many retail outlets as well, and they are also listed on the Dave Wilson site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Places selling Dave Wilson trees by mail-order

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

I saw it on Monday at Lowes in a bag (bareroot) for $14.95. Lowes in Northridge on Corbin, maybe other stores have it as well.
They also have Sunshine Blue blueberries for $14.95 - big with blossoms and fruit.

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Jennifer_Ruth(Z 10, Sunset Z 23)

Thank you both for your help! I went to Lowe's, and they had quite a few Golden Amber to choose from. I'm delighted to have it again.

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