can lemon juice be left unrefrigerated?

ground(syracuse, ny)March 20, 2004

I'm not a gardener (yet), but this forum complex seems marvelously useful. I've been using honey/lemon juice on my skin and I'd just like to keep them in the shower, since I don't yet use lemon juice for much else besides that. Will I have problems?

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Lemon juice will eventually go bad. High sugar helps to prevent bacterial growtn, so if there is enough honey it might be okay. Why not just mix up a few days supply at a time for the shower?

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I, too, use mixtures like this on my skin but I always keep them in the refrigerator.The only one I keep in the bathroom is olive oil & honey.It's really nice for the complexion and the body, giving a smooth texture and it doesn't go off.(Tip: with the addition of essential oils, it becomes even better).

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You can prevent the spoiling problem by using raw apple cider vinegar instead of the lemon. I keep it in the bathroom in a squirt bottle. I keep the honey separatly. Both will keep indefinitely without refrigeration. Just mix a tiny amount in the palm of your hand every time you need it. Works fine for me.

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Cricket48(z8 NC)

I use half lemon juice to half honey in a glass bottle (they say that plastic bottles are breeding places for bacteria) for cough due to cold, virus or bronchitis. I do not usually refrigerate at first because the cold, cold mixture bothers my sensitive teeth. But, when I have some left over after the cough is gone then I refrigerate for next time.

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Ground: How do you use it?? In place of soap/before or after soap???? I have REALLY dry sensitive skin and get contact dermititis when I garden. Would the lemon/honey help????

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