to curb chocolate cravings

Heathen1(10a)March 17, 2006

A friend of mine sent this... she claims it works.... I don't know anything about agave syrup, which I highly suspect is a sugar too.....

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon will get rid of sweets cravings.

To curb chocolate cravings and also sweets cravings in general, drink some sesame seed milk. To make sesame seed milk, soak sesame seeds in spring water for 1/2 day. Put the soaked seeds in a blender with twice as much spring water as seeds. Blend until fine. Strain out any solid flecks and the remaining liquid is sesame seed milk. Sesame seed milk will keep in the fridge for two or three days. To improve its flavor, add some drops of liquid stevia or some agave syrup and some vanilla or some cinnamon, all to taste.

I made some sesame seed milk and it seemed to do the trick. Its taste is so-so, but maybe I did not get the sweeting and flavorings quite right.

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You mean to tell me (sob) that I now have no excuse for indulging my chocolate cravings??

Second thoughts. I have run out of sesame seeds!! Yippee!

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:o) Sigh... pill! :o) A friend of mine went to some sort of Essene commune, very strict dietary rules... she came back with this...I thought chocolate was a vegetable... but, it's a fruit! :D

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Every tried raw chocolate? (cacao) Not bad. Especially in smoothies with a little bananna and raw cane sugar . . .

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oh SHUT UP! :o) *grin*

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