Plants in garage part 2

queensinfoMarch 12, 2013

I finally pulled my rasps out of the garage after probably 6 weeks in there (to avoid a really cold week in late jan). There're are about 6 to 8 shoots around 1 to 6 inches tall. I just cut off last years growth upon taking them out tonight, since I want to grow as fall bearing. Question is how what is the coldest temps I should leave them out in to avoid damage to the new shoots? Alos, i ended up needing to support them with multiple stakes last year. Can i grow yhem inside or outside of tomato cages for support? i am surprised they grew at all since they haven't been watered. I'm hoping the blackberries aren't dead because they looked pretty dry. Straws also started new growth. I guess next year I know that my garage isn't as cold as I thought.

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Raspberries are pretty hardy, if you want to protect the new shoots just keep them semi covered over the next few weeks. Mine can easily tolerate high 30's. As far as watering goes raspberries need significantly less water than blackberries and are actually prone to several diseases if overwatered. In the summer water raspberries 1 time per week usually on average where i need to water the blackberries every other day or so depending on the temperature

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I'm guessing you're keeping them in pots due to lack of space? It might be better to keep the pots outside in the future though, then you would not have to worry about them coming out of dormancy too early.

I agree with AB though, they are quite hardy, mine always experience 20's in leaf at either end of the growing season without any trouble.

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kept in pots because i dont have any ground to plant them in. I had brought them in (along with blackberries and strawbs) because we had a week of single digit overnight temps and maybe 20s for highs (and then i got lazy and kept forgetting to take them out). I thought they may not appreciate freezing solid in the pots.
Thanks. If it is going to be sub freezing, maybe i will put them back in (briefly).

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Harm from root freeze is far more likely that shoot damage in a potted situation, unless the pots are huge. If roots have extended to near the pot's inside walls, I would keep them inside for any temps under +25, or weather remaining below freezing for > 24 hours straight.

The tomato cages would work fine, or any other grid material conformed to the pots.

Watering should be done only if the pots have a very light feel to them when lifted, a sign of totally dry soil.

Your garage floor may be 10 degrees cooler than shelves.

If new garage-growth is pale green, it may help to introduce it to extensive sun gradually, over the course of a week or so.

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thanks Larry. the growth actually was very pale green. i was worried about the root freeze initially which is why i put them into the garage. i dont have to worry about watering now as they were out for a huge rainstorm yesterday. sunny and 50 today and they are probably baking in full sun. If anything, i may have given them a little jump on breaking dormancy. i will have to watch the temps.

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