what do you eat for breakfast?

kaliamanMarch 13, 2014

breakfast is an important meal all round the world, it sets the tone for your entire day!

please share....what's your best breakfast?


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I love the occasional bowl of gluten free oatmeal, dried apples, sultanas, and some maple sugar. Sometimes I add walnuts too. Uber yummy and substantial.


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oh my fatamorgana, you are a lady after my own heart, your best breakfast sounds delicious. i think my mouth is watering : )

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A botanical brew* is essential.


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And a big yes to a "botanical brew" to accompany breakfast but tea not coffee for me. I have quite a selection of herbal and green teas that I choose from each day. I've been drinking a lot of chai lately - red tea chai or decaf ones. I try to keep the caffeine only to the occasional cup of green or white tea. Speaking of occasional green tea, I think I'm going to have to go brew me up some jasmine tea. It is sounding really good....


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hehe, i love good jasmine tea, it's my favorite Camelia spp tea....have a cup most afternoons, but mornings i want my coffee!

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

I normally eat fruit or a salad for my breakfast. A lot of times I skip breakfast, depending if in hungry or not, I just lesson to my body.

Man, how could all you drink such a strong stimulate in the morning, I feel all buzzy and drugged up if I drink just a cup in the morning.. I used to drink lemon juice religiously, like most people do coffee in the morning. I now, swear by it. Any congestion, mucus, inflammation in my head just goes away when I drink FRESH lemon juice with CLEAN water. It is a little sour in the morning, that is getting too much for me, i been just drinking water lately.

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good for you nature's nature! a glass of room temperature lemon water upon arising is a wonderful healthy habit to get into. i have one too then about 1/2 hour later enjoy my cuppa. just a few ounces is all i need....

energetically, it's best to have warm food for breakfast. digestion can be thought of as a fire, and like a real fire when we put cool and wet things on top...over time the fire diminishes.

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

I'm not going to lie though, I been really bad lately! Just had a reuben sandwich.. the other day had like five big burgers at mcdonalds, i swear that stuff does not fill me up, maybe it has to do with it being deficient of minerals or whatever.. But, i ate five burgers, was starving, so I ate some cereal, as soon as I ate the cereal, I was instantly full and content. The cereal, like most, is enriched with vitamins and minerals. That's most likely what my body was craving. I normally use Himalayan pink salt religiously at home, on top of that, the wild herbs i forage for, and the fruit and vegetables i eat most likely has adequate nutrients. However, the mcdonalds probably didn't have the minerals my body was really craving.. It's interesting what you can learn by just observing yourself, no other person can be more in tune with your body than yourself. No doctor truly knows what you are feeling, you, we, have to start being our own doctor.

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