85 year old black cohosh root still 'medicinal'!

bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)March 18, 2005

Hello everyone. When I harvest & store herbs, I'm always wondering about their long-term potency - usually I end up relying on good judgment + intuition.

Well check out this article!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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yes? gotta provide the link or we think you are pulling our leg! :oD

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

Sorry! GW must be acting up - the link was posted properly when I previewed it.

Here is a link that might be useful: 85-Year-old Black Cohosh Root Still Contains Active Compounds

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Wonder what would happen if the Botanical Garden researchers tested their 85-year-old preparation against all the black cohosh products currently on the market.

Based on the wide variations previously found in the level of effective ingredients in certain herbal supplements, it wouldn't be surprising if the old black cohosh was more pharmacologically active than some current product.

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It would probably depend on the dose.Fresh dug Black Cohosh root now shouldn't be that much different than it was 85 years ago.

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mayura97(KL, Malaysia)

I think it is maybe because the chemical compound in the root of black Cohosh is very stable (either chemically or kinetically) or else it will be gone in just few years or months. That means Black Cohosh will be chemically stable for a long time if it is rightly preserve. Hypothetically, as with science nothing is certain la.... Anyway, anyone knows what Black Cohosh called in Malay or Chinese?? :)

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Heres a picture of what it looks like.Its a North American native so Im not sure what it would be called in Chinese.

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News flash: Old threads still provide platform for spammers!

To update the picture on black cohosh: this herb gained acceptance in recent years as an alternative medication to treat menopausal symptoms (picking up an endorsement from a major gynecology organization). Then a large clinical trial found that the herb did not provide benefits greater than placebo. Recent studies remain mixed, with this new report (involving a relatively small trial) showing that black cohosh didn't even do as well as placebo in relieving hot flashes and night sweats. On the plus side: testing for measures of brain function found no negative effects of black cohosh (by some measures of mental acuity, supplemental hormones can have detrimental effects). And while there are few reports of liver toxicity with black cohosh, it overall appears to a have a good safety profile.

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black cohosh is 'sheng ma' per chinese herbalism.

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