Peach tree pruning (pictures attached)

bananafanMarch 11, 2007

I planted this peach tree two summers ago. Now the buds are appearing on the branches. I'd like to know how and when I should prune the tree. Would appreciate some advice here.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Add photo of top of tree would help. You have a lot cutting to do to get to four limbs spreading vase shape the limb on lower left needs to come off ( i no its pretty but leaving it to long it gets that way cry and pruning is very necessary on peach tree if not done the frist year and second right). Rubbing buds off is prunning with way less pain.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Bananafan: Unfortunately, to prune the tree properly will require sacraficing all of this years crop. But if you don't you will have a mess of a tree forever, that's just the way it is when starting out with a peach tree. It needs to be cut back to basically one trunk about 24-36 inches tall. No branches. This will force the vigorous side shoots you need for a vase shape tree. Next yr you will keep about four of these to form the framework of the tree.

If the tree were more upright you would have other options, but in it's current sprawling, bent over form, there is no basis for a tree other than a complete makeover. So you are one yr late but best to bite the bullet now than wait another yr. And no, pruning this severely will not kill the tree.

The Fruitnut

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Gator rider2 and Fruitnut: Thanks so much for the suggestions. Yeah, I was wondering about that extra long branch myself. I'll have it chopped off when I get a chance to do so tomorrow. I'm glad to find out now rather than to leave it go wild for another year.

I've also attached a picture of the top of the tree here. I hope you're able to see the branches against the holly tree as background. By the way, the peach tree is about 8 feet or so from the holly tree. I don't know if it's too close, or
should I try to relocate it to another spot.

Thanks so much both of you.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Yes move the tree to much shade holy likes acid soil peach don't sorry but it be cut back to single stick 30 inch long start over let four buds come out at near top for limbs that one on left that has buds on it one to use cut other off 2 inches about one on left and dab on prune seal on cuts. 200 foot from other tall trees is good place for peach tree. Planting another is choice to this time year.

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Gator rider: Thanks for the suggestions. Yesterday I went to check on the peach tree again and saw there there were a lot of buds appearing on their branches everywhere. I've been wondering whether I should let them finish fruiting this season first before I trim them down drastically. It usually fruit around May which is two months from now. Anybody else has anything to chip in, would welcome any additional comments.

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