Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade' Blueberry Plant

Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))March 2, 2011


This new variety of Blueberry has been popping up in my nursery catalogs lately and I have a few questions if anyone can answer them.

1) Is there any taste difference between the pink and other highbush varieties? Sweetness or tartness?

2) How is the hardiness and productivity compared to other highbush varieties?

3) Do these blueberries retain the pink color when cooked (making jams or pies) or do they turn more of a bluish color?



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Since the blue color in fruit indicates healthful antioxidants, I can't see why they would develop a pink blueberry, other than for novelty. The ads say nothing about any sort of superior flavor, so I can't see any reason to even order one. If anyone plants one, let us know if it tastes any better, if the birds eat fewer of them, it produces better, etc. Northwoodswis

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I am planting one this year. I will let you know how it works out.

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girlbug2(z9/10, Sunset zone 24)

I am going out on a limb here to predict that the pink blueberries are going to be sour, based on the fact that when I harvest blueberries with just a little pink on them, they're sour. The blue color seems to indicate that the sugar is fully present. Without blue, will they sugar up? I have my doubts.

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Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread, but my lab released Pink Lemonade and Pink Champagne, so I'll the questions assuming anyone is still interested:

- Yes, they taste different; not particularly blueberry-like, but still sweet.

- P. Lemonade is half rabbiteye (a southern species) and half southern highbush. We grow them in NJ, but they are not particularly happy here. They will grow and produce fruit, but you will not get the yields that you get in warmer climes.

- Their yields under proper (southern) conditions are not well known, since we evaluated them in NJ where they are not high-yielders.

- As to why we would develop them: every year we do thousands of pollinations with many different species - sometimes something "weird" comes out of all of those. Nurseries were interested in these, so we released the varieties. Also they are really cool.

- The reason other pink fruit is sour is because you are eating unripe fruit. P. Lemonade and Champagne are pink when the fruit is fully ripe and the acids have all been converted to sugars during the maturation process.

If you are looking for superior flavor, there are several cultivars that taste WONDERFUL, like candy, like nothing you have ever tasted: Hannah's Choice, Cara's Choice, Reveille, Legacy, Sweetheart - also I believe that our newest release may be on the market already: Razz, a blueberry with distinct raspberry overtones raspberry.

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buretachi(z6 PA)

I've seen articles about Razz, Pink Lemonade and Cara's choice but I can't find a wholesaler of them--I'd like 100 plants.


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Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))

Thanks Menothsfire! Great info on Blueberries!

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Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))

This question is for menothsfire,

You mentioned several newly developed cultivars of blueberry varieties (Hannah's Choice, Cara's Choice, Reveille, Legacy, Sweetheart, Razz)

How many of these varieties (besides Razz which is available now) have been released to market already?



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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

Hannah's Choice and Cara's Choice are sold by Backyardberryplants (I have Hannah's Choice on order), which sells very nice (large), but pricey organic plants.

Legacy and Sweetheart are sold at Berriesunlimited (I have both from last year). This place has lots of choice and pretty nice plants, including some larger ones.

I haven't come across any with Reveille, but I see that DaveWilson is growing it, so I suspect that some of the California nurseries may have it.

I'm not sure about Razz- the only place I've seen it is Jung.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article which describe several of these

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Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))

Thank you Bob!

At this time, I only have two small/medium blueberry bushes (Bluecrop and Pink Lemonade). From what I am reading, i am not expecting a whole lot from my Pink Lemonade in my area here (Northeast Zone 6 - Western New York).

Do you happen to know which of these new varieties mentioned above would be good in my area, and a good match-up / cross pollinator to my Bluecrop blueberry bush?

Thanks again!


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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I haven't worried much about pollination, as I have about 20 varieties. But, from what I understand, some blueberries are at least partially self-fertile and most of the bloom-times overlap. From this chart, Bluecrop is a mid-season bloomer, which puts you in good shape for any Northern Highbush.

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