Adderall replacement

haseoMarch 28, 2007

A aquitence I know asked me if I knew where to get adderrall I don't I was wondering is there any herbal to take to tide him over until so he can focus well?

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I think it's something he needs to get from a doctor. It can have very serious side effects and is usually only prescribed for attention deficit disorder, but if he's taking it like 'speed' or a meth high, you shouldn't be helping him there because it's very dangerous.

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I was asking if there was anything herbal to tide him over till he can we're college students and we have alot of classes.

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There are no acceptable herbal substitutes for amphetamines to be used to stay awake in or prepare for classes. Misusing Adderall (a prescription amphetamine mix) can have serious consequences.

A time-honored "herbal" preparation for alertness is coffee (Do they still make Jolt Cola (all the sugar and twice the caffeine)?). If you were Peruvian peasants you could chew on coca leaves, but that's sort of frowned upon in this country. :)

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Yeah I thought there would be nothing, but it was worth a try.

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haseo, you might want to try taking a ginko biloba supplement. It won't have the effect you seem to be looking for (wakefulness, prolonged & deep focus), but a regular supplement MAY help with general clarity and concentration.

As I understand it, ginko increases circulation (by thinning the blood?), particularly to the head and other extremities, and it takes time to have a noticable effect. I'm a student, also, and took ginko for about a year, with fair results -- in fact, I'm going back to it. Even if it was merely a placebo, I know of no negative results in trying it. Ginko has been studied pretty extensively, and there's a lot of good information out there. (Most studies that I've seen cautiously conclude that results vary from person to person, but that there's an overall tendency for users to benefit mentally.)

Good luck with school! :)

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