Reddish brown leaves on my blueberry bushes?

wmuav8tor(zone 5/6, Michigan)March 12, 2013

I have 2 blueberry bushes that I bought almost a week ago, I say them both outside in 4 gallon containers (occasionally bringing them into our unheated patio if it got super cold since they have spent so much time indoors at the store) when I got them the leaves they had formed were all green. Tonight when I went out to bring them in after a few nights outside in 30 degree weather I noticed the leaves were a brownish red color but they don't look shriveled or anything otherwise. Some new buds have even opened but they are the same color.

It's been raining so I know they have been getting plenty of water and I have it in pots where extra water can just flow out so they aren't waterlogged I don't think. I also made sure to plant them in acidic soil. Is it normal for blueberry bushes to get this color this time of year or should I be doing something different?

Thanks for your help :)

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wmuav8tor(zone 5/6, Michigan)

Other plant

The first one is a Blueray bush and the other is a Pink Lemonade

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The red color is normal. They green back up as it gets warm.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Mind done red brown green about 6 times all ready on old leaves twice on new small leaves.

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wmuav8tor(zone 5/6, Michigan)

Ok thanks to both of you :)

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