kfgesq(z5NJ)March 4, 2005

I have just heard of a preperation called Xango. Anyone else know anything about it? It sounds promising.

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Why don't you just eat mangosteens? It brings to mind what my Japanese boyfriends says about soy products.."If soy really helps menopause, why do Japanese women still menopause?" Which, I might add, I don't listen to, cuz it works for me... but, if XanGo is so helpful, why do the asians get sick, just like anyone else? I just get bothered that nowadays, who needs to eat, just take a pill with nutrients from broccoli, just take a pill with vitamin C, just take a pill with....

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Looks a lot like a multi level marketing gimmick: lots of money for the sellers, dubious benefits for the buyers.
check out these links from the xango net, explaining how much money you can make as a seller:



and this one full of merchandising junk:


I can't think why a glass or two mangosteen juice is better than a balanced diet including 5 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies daily. For the cost of one bottle of XanGo ($40 US for one 25 oz bottle), you could buy a month's worth of fresh fruits and vegetables or 10 gallons of orange juice.

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Any one for an old fashen glass of orange juice,apple cider?I can add some herbs and add $$ to a bottle and we will both be happy.

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