Quick question on pruning new growth

brownmolaMarch 17, 2013

I have a newly planted 4-1 bareroot pluot. All 4 varieties are branching like crazy right now. I can already tell that there are several branches growing towards the center that I will eventually prune. Should I pinch those off now or prune them out later?

Also on a side note, when you graft a scion onto another tree, will that scion leaf/flower out at the same time as it normally would or will the new rootstock alter the timing to be more like itself? I grafted a burgundy scion onto a 3-1 pluot but my regular burgundy plum is a little behind all of the pluots as far as leafing out.


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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

I would prune out anything growing into the center right away if I saw it.

I am not sure about the grafting / altered timing question, and I have often wondered about that myself. Good question.

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Thanks dmtaylor, just pinched off the unwanted center growth.

Anyone know more about my scion question?

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I have a 4 in 1 peach, nec, plum, and cherry and they all bloom with their species not together.

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So...looking at my 4-1 pluot, I'm shocked at how long the new shoots are. The new green branches are already 2-3 feet long. Should I be thinking about stopping/cutting some of this growth or wait until summer to prune? I definitely want to keep this tree pretty short (under 7 feet).


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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

You can prune vigorous stone fruits pretty much as often as you want. Some people prune 3 or 4 times a year or more, and with a smaller orchard you can prune very often. If you are experiencing a few feet of growth in just a month or two of time, personally I think it would be best to prune as early and often as you feel comfortable so that you can train your tree into whatever shape and size that you desire. Otherwise, you will indeed lose control. Don't be afraid. Be aggressive if your tree and your desires demand it. Your tree won't die from overpruning or anything like that. Although you will probably want to mulch and fertilize like a son of a gun.

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Thanks! Should I wait until the new growth is done or should I go ahead and try and prune the thin green growth now? If the latter option, I think I'll need to get something sharper than what I have because I don't think I'll get a clean cut from the pruners I have right now on that new green growth.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I pinch out the tips and head back the new shoots as much and often as needed. So far I've pinched out some tips but haven't headed anything. I've got up to 2ft of new growth.

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