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Bradybb WA-Zone8March 26, 2014

I attended Raintree Nursery's full day of classes workshop last weekend.
There are a lot of subjects covered by experienced people in the field,from pruning,propagating to Mason bee keeping.
The way they have it set up though,is there are two main areas or rooms and during each hour and a different subject is going on at the same time.A person has to make a choice and they don't repeat.This is my second time,so I've sampled almost all they offer.
When first reading the schedule,there was an hour devoted to a lady,Jo Robinson,who wrote a book,Eating on the Wild Side and no other class was going on then.I thought,I don't really want to go hear this lady talk about her dumb book,but I went anyway.It turned out to be probably the most enjoyable part of the class for me.
She said it took about ten years of research and reading over six thousand studies to put it together.Most of the talk covered how through cultivation,a lot of the beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits have been taken away.There were quite a few vegetables named,both very healthful and not so much,because on the way from harvest to market they lose much of their disease fighting abilities.There were enough fruits named,that I thought it may be of interest to some on this forum. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Eat Wild

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

So what were the 10 things she said that you will incorporate into your plans?

I liked the link, but what was the best of what you learned?


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Bradybb WA-Zone8

Ten Suzi?I'll probably have to get her book to come up with that many.On her website,10 Questions for Jo Robinson are some of the topics she covered.
I'm definitely going to try some of the fruits and vegetables she named,either by growing them or using her advice about getting them as fresh as is available,which she said is is included in the book.
I wrote down some of the more nutrient packed ones.

Caroline Raspberry
Liberty Apple
Wild Treasure Blackberry
Forelle Pear
Sweet Charlie Strawberry
Charentais Cantaloupe
Juliet Hybrid Cherry Tomato
Purple Peruvian Potato
Red Leaf Lettuce
Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce
Carmen Sweet Red Pepper

I also have a hand out that lists a number of beneficial fruits and a little info about some of their properties that I could print if interested. Brady

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Wonder what zone she is planting in. I think lettuce and tomatoes are OK here in winter, but summer it's just too hot. I have some seeds to try.

We have been on our new property about 8 months now, and are trying to repair the damage years of neglect has done to existing fruit trees, plus we are planting a lot more trees and edibles.

We just got started composting. Hubby built a nice box for that purpose. The chipper/shredder will be delivered today!

I wish every tree here was edible, but some are just pretty. Our pines are not the kind with edible pine nuts, but I love them. Crepe Myrtles are so pretty, and so are the Jacaranda. They are just taking up room where we could plant fruit and nut trees.

Your hand-out sounds interesting. Might be a nice read if you could print it without too much trouble!


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Every year I try to add more vegetables to my garden. I was never sold on this concept, what won me over is taste. I can't eat store bought chicken anymore. I only buy from the Amish, it's so good! No brine, free range, etc. I do forage every year. it's a blast! I just like the way wild food tastes. I love the freshness and tartness of wild berries. Many here grow corn syrup fruit, and although I do like some, the stuff with a kick really floats my boat. Give me acid any day! I think less processed foods is the way to go, and all of us here are into that. I abused myself in my youth and have health problems, eating better has made the journey a little better.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

She lives in Washington,either on Vashon or Whidby Island in Puget Sound.
I don't have a scanner anymore,so these photos were taken with my phone on a tabletop.They came out fairly readable. Brady

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Thanks for posting the list.

So all she has on her list are wild, foraged types? I'm just curious........ Is she saying that only the wild things have nutrients and flavor?

Or is she just saying "home grown" is best.


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Bradybb WA-Zone8

As far as I can tell,both are good. Brady

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

>So all she has on her list are wild, foraged types? I'm just
>curious........ Is she saying that only the wild things have
>nutrients and flavor?
> >Or is she just saying "home grown" is best.

It looks like she has picked specific cultivars for many of the fruits, so not just wild foraged fruit.


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