Any herbal remedy for Keratosis?

mrao77(TX US zone 7)March 20, 2006

Keratosis - is a condition where the skin feels bumpy and rough,with dark raised spots especially in the area of upper arms, upper thigh, back and shoulders.It is not acne, more a hyperpigmentation disorder. It is due to keratin depositing around hair follicles and causing them to block. It is genetic. Anybody know of a herbal remedy?

M here is a link that describes the condition -

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There are several types of keratosis. In my case, it's a result of excessive exposure to sunlight - a precursor to skin cancer. Because I've had several very nasty skin cancers, my doctor (a GP in a Skin Cancer clinic) keeps a very close watch on my actinic keratosis. From time to time he freeze-burns off some of the worst lesions for purely cosmetic reasons.

I know of no herbal treatment for it, however I use Aloe Vera gel (fresh from the plant) as a moisturiser, which helps a little to reduce the flakiness.

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Not herbal - but low to moderate supplementation with vitamin A can help (5,000 units/day).

That, moisturizers and gentle exfoliaiton with a luffa can help. And having someone to scrub your back :)

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