Acidophilus & Bifidus any comments on this

millieon(zone 6a)March 21, 2007


Have any of you used Acidophilus & Bifidus for gas/flatulence and have you had any success?

I did a research but nothing came up.


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no, I haven't used it for that, and it doesn't work for me for that, but it probably depends on what's causing the gas. Those are good buggies to have in your gut, in fact, without them, you'd be a sorry puppy, but you may need to find out the cause of your gas... if it's foods like broccoli and beans and such, they are gas causing plants, if it's something like irritable bowel syndrome, again, I don't think that they would help. But like I said, they are good to have in your gut! :)

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millieon(zone 6a)

Thanks for commenting heathen1.

Yesterday I had beans and there was less gas, today I'm having broccoli so will see how it goes. According to the info from internet it may produce more gas for the first few days. Another thing was told to take it on empty stomach in morning and at night yet on the bottle is says to take it half an hour after a meal. If this works will buy another bottle as I would hate of omit all of the food causing gas.

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I think that if it is the broccoli or beans causing the gas, if you just eat it a lot, you get used to it and it doesn't produce as much gas. I have thought about buying those expensive bottles, but just decided I like yogurt enough, so I eat that. I don't think that you have to continue eating the A & B, as they stay in your gut and proliferate unless you kill them with say antibiotics or alcohol.

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millieon(zone 6a)

No, it's not just two gassy foods, most the healthy ones seem to be the problem. I would hate to start cutting out healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and milk products. Just found out that Enzymes are needed to go with A & B especially since I have breakfast of Oats and/or bran with milk.

Yogurt is one of the culprits for me too.

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Wheat causes gas for me. I take A & B on a daily basis, and if I feel bloated or have an uncomfortable stomach I reach for my aloe vera stomach's great stuff. I can even get DH to use it as it seems to give almost immediate relief! Maybe you just need to do a little cleansing by drinking a fair amount of water???

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millieon(zone 6a)

Do drink plenty of water and it's doesn't seem to help.

Once I finish A & B and Organika Full Spectrum Enzymes will look for something else. My problem seems to be more in the evening than during the day.

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