Figs: How to maximize the potential for early harvesting?

eco-peruMarch 27, 2013

Hello people I would like to know how I could maximize the potential for a fruit harvest for my potted 1 year old fig tree which is already fruiting. I'm not sure of the type but since I live in Lima Peru I'm going to take a wild guess and say it's Peruvian. If I optimize the maximum potential of my fig tree how soon can I start harvesting? How big of a pot should I plant it in? I live in a zone 11. How often should I mix in worm humus and guano manure? Watering process? Sorry for all the questions It's just that this is my first green thumb experience.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


I got 6 varieties of fig in pots. To promotes early fruiting, I let each branch developed 5 leaves then pinched off the tip. This will promotes fruiting. That same branch will re-shoot with new leaves then continue to pinch off after the next five leaves. You will get plenty of figs to enjoy.


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Thanks Tony, I was just talking to my mother this afternoon about how to help improve the fig ripening. I've copied and pasted your description into an email to send to her for reference.

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There's a difference between trying to push early fig production (Setting fruit) and improving Fig ripening.... which can be a complex issue because of the way that Figs are pollinated and how ripening is stimulated..... (I'll leave that between you and Google....)

Depending on the type of fig you have, this may or may not work... There's an ancient technique called "Fig gashing" Basically, you slice into the itty bitty un-pollinated fig and it stimulates the fig to kick into "Ripening" mode.... where it would just drop off the tree un-pollinated or sit there unripe otherwise....


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