Beginner: Maca with Ginseng

runningoutofthymeMarch 6, 2006

Hello all,

I am just getting started with herbalism and holistic healing so bear with me... I have two questions so far :)

1)Is it safe to take Maca and Ginseng simultaneously?

2)I was reading over the Herbal Safety post and noticed that many people were referring to trained or licensed herbalists as far as experimenting and such. How does one go about being trained and/or licensed? And is it possible to get in contact with a trained or licensed herbalist to pose questions about the regimens of herbs I would like to take?

I'd appreciate your help and advice... thanks!!!

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Check out the site below for people who may be able to answer your question about herbalist training.

I would suggest that two powerful uppers combined would make you practically supersonic. Enough to mangle your brain, probably.

Here is a link that might be useful: allexperts

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Then, what goes up, must come down with a crash.

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