White Double Flowering Peach help

Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)March 21, 2013

Would anyone know of the varieties of white double flowering peaches that might grow or have been offered in SoCal in the 90's?

I am trying to ID a double white flowering peach. I am guessing my dad planted it in the 90s. He liked to get a good deal on unknown plants from a local nursery. I am thinking with the poor fruit quality, he might have picked up this one thinking it was a fruit tree and it was actually the ornamental type. It was planted fairly close to an ornamental plum and where he planted a mystery lime that was just rootstock. Dad was not the kind of guy that planted ornamentals in his orchard on purpose. On the other hand, if something sprouted he might have let it grow just to see what it was.

Any name ideas so I can try and figure out my tree mystery?


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