chineseherbs(9a Florida)March 20, 2005

This is considered an invasive weed in the south, but it is a common Chinese herb used to treat all kinds of infections and fevers. You may learn more about it here:


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mayura97(KL, Malaysia)

Hmmm, never seen any of this before in Malaysia. Wondering what it taste like.... Thanx for this informational article!!!

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I've noticed, in a local Asian grocery store, the dried Honeysuckle blossoms being sold, and wondered about this.

I hve a large stand of Japanese Honeysuckle partially covering my little gazebo; maybe it will pay me back for sparing it to have its fragrance....


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Whether or not there's anything to the "legendary' use of this plant in TCM, it would be very beneficial to the environment if the Japanese honeysuckle that's invaded all over creation were to be dug up for medicinal purposes. :)

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