When you see a bug/insect you aren't familiar with...

peterechs(9)March 1, 2013

...what do you do?

I have mostly fruit trees (persimmon, necatarine, and asian pear) with some blueberry and raspberry bushes. On occasion, when I am examining my trees/berries, I come across a bug/insect I don't recognize. And unfortunately at these times, I do not have immediate access to something I could use to catch the bug.

So my question to you all is, what if you don't know if a bug/insect is beneficial or harmful. Is it better to squish it (the better safe than sorry approach) or leave it alone (hope it didn't already lay its eggs)?

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You don't need to catch it, just ask it to pose for a picture. I have lots of bug references, and there is lots more on line. Your local county extension service will also be happy to look at the picture and give your bug a name, even telling you if it is good or bad for your plants. Al

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