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poisonedpeopleMarch 2, 2012

Chemical validation is loose and fast. Pretty much what you'd expect inside a global human system programmed to self-destruct. This statement can be taken at least two ways.

1. Programmed to self-destruct in terms of the internal conflicts set up by the chemical obsession industries (and the chemical apathy response from people too far separated from nature); chemical use will automatically generate chaos.

2. Programmed to self-destruct in terms of metaphysically viewing this world and our human experiences as an educational regime in which we experience the full measure of our wrong choices for the purpose of future (beyond-this-life) character development.

Chemical compounds are mostly toxic and are bringing about the complete destabilization of an entire blue planet.

Flushing agents sound really bad for the soil and crops. Roundup (the world's most popular herbicide) is something of a flushing agent because it has chelating properties. It destroys the natural soil properties by flushing out minerals and nutrients, as well as imposing toxic metabolite residues that arise out of the glyphosate itself.

I also would like to steer clear of any aggressive approach to treating soil, ESPECIALLY any use of any chemical agents.

It's logic based in observation that should drive us all toward organic gardening. Nature is prescriptive. Toxic synthetic chemicals are anti-nature and generate chaos. They are still prescriptive because toxic chemicals still influence the planet according to a rationale; a rationale of persistent evil and death. The persistence of this rather conscious evil should give us all pause for thought.

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Metaphysically speaking, I think you're in the wrong forum.

Try Integrated Pest Management or Pests and Diseases for lively discussion of this topic.

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Holy crap! Can you say . . . "fanatical?"

Hey, Eric. How's it going?


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