Young orange tree and earwigs

patid865March 7, 2013

I live on SWS in NSW and planted a Washington Navel orange 2 years ago. It is slow to grow in sandy clay but looked OK at 40cms tall until an earwig attacked the growing top, stripping the bark so that the top 6cms died. Before this destruction it had eight to ten buds happening. Been very hot and dry this summer so I surrounded it with wire and a sacking cover to limit the hot sun. I have to hand water as we have only rainwater tank so I fill an unstoppered glass bottle and invert it beside the stem to give a slow drip. The tree is sprouting again but only from the base. Will it recover and grow tall or is it a dead loss?

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Your tree is probably growing from the root stock, and will be different, and not in a good way. Look closely and you should be able to see the graft. I would expect it was on a dwarfing rootstock, which will have a shallow root not very tolerant of drought conditions. Google earwig control to get solutions to that problem. Al

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Thank you calistoga. I will remove it and go find a better one. Will have to check availability as It is coming in to Autumn down under. A Spring planting may do better. (Will also look up earwig controls).

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Put out small dishes of vegetable oil; the earwigs drown by the hundreds.

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Sluggo Plus will kill earwigs (not regular Sluggo, but the Plus)
It's not cheap, but it works when they are setting up camp in your fruit!

Carla in Sac

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Removing the earwigâÂÂs feeding ground habitat is very important to control it. Most of the insects, including earwigs are attracted to lights; so reducing some unnecessary lights can help you. Spring and summer are the best times to apply some insecticides.

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