What part of plant to use for distilling?

kittycrazy(z6 sw MO)March 14, 2005

OK, some are easy, lavender *flowers*, or rosemary *leaves*, but what about cedar? Do I use wood chips or the needles? HOw about night blooming flowers? They are only good for one night, so can I pick them that very night and process them right away, or won't they work at all? And here's an off the wall question, if I distill fresh mowed hay, will the oil and hydrosol smell like freshed mowed hay?

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Well, I am supposing that you know that you need a LOT of plant material to make one drop of EO... I would distill something else first so you know what you are doing. You might get a book on distilling... not everything smells the same distilled as it does on the plant.
I can't stress enough how much plant material it would take to make a half an oz of eo. I am thinking that you might get a couple drops of eo from about 5 gallons of lavender leaves...

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Here's a search for past discussions on distilling. SOme are more pertinent thatn others, in answering your specific questions. At the bottom of each main forum page, there is a place where you can search thru the pages for a topic of interest.
Enjoy! Lynn

Here is a link that might be useful: Herbalism forum search

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