Rootstock propagation by root cuttings?

mpalermoMarch 27, 2013

Anyone know if any fruit trees can be propagated with root cuttings? Right now I have apples and cherries. I'd eventually like to try my hand at grafting but I don't want to accidentally mess up one of my existing trees.

I heard that taking root cuttings is a fairly easy process, just get access to the roots, take some small pieces of pencil width roots and plant them in the ground.

I just don't know if this process generally works for fruit trees though. Has anyone tried this out or have any info about it?

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john222-gg(Mississippi 8a/8b)

It's my understanding that most fruit trees are grafted on different root stock.I would think if you took a pice of root and planted it you would just be growing the root stock not the fruit tree.I do know if you let growth from below the graft come out you will ruin your tree.

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I'm not sure that docmattman was suggesting he'd be growing the fruit tree itself from the root cuttings, which of course is not possible... I think he is trying to propagate rootstock for eventual grafting...

I'd be skeptical of the success of root cuttings, since the practice does not seem to be so common (seed propagation and "stooling" seem to be means of choice for most fruit tree rootstocks).

But if it works, please let us know on this forum!...

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Yes, I am trying to propagate the rootstock, not the actual fruiting part. My goal is to have some extra rootstock for grafting practice. I'll be able to collect scions/budwood from my other trees to use when I prune. I just need more rootstock to work with.

I did read a lot about seed propagation and stooling, I was hoping that root cuttings would work as well. I have a few root cuttings buried in the ground now. I'll definitely post back with the results.

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Avocado101(9A Southern California)

My apple tree keeps shooting out new growth from its roots. I would think digging up these carefully with some portion of roots attached would create another rootstock.

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On some rootstocks - the answer is Yes...

All you have to do is to stick a shovel into the ground somewhere near the tree... and wait... You will have little trees popping up where the roots were cut.... You can then dig them up and use them for rootstock or whatever...

This also works quite well for many seedling fruit trees... They sprout up around the mother tree - You just dig up the sprouts and replant them and off you go...


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