jamesweikartApril 19, 2006

HI ALL! I've been looking for information on buying seeds for sage. The sage i'm looking for is the type native americans use(d) for cleansing/purifying themselves/others/possessions from negative energies and/or evil entities. I've been searching and searching but to no avail. Does anyone know EXACTLY what type of sage i need?

I'd like to grow this around my home so I dont have to keep buying this at the market :(

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The common sage, Salvia officinalis, is used for such things. Which is very handy, because it's probably the one easiest for you to get.

If you want a member of the salvia family which is native to North America, you'll have to do the researching for it yourself, I'm afraid - I can't help you there.

Here's what I have on S. officinalis. Note the contrast between the sentences I've separated! (I'm not computer-savvy enough to highlight them any other way.)

Seen as a lucky plant generally.

It possesses extremely powerful magical qualities, so that most ailments were treated with it, successfully. Sage was a sacred ceremonial herb of the Romans and was associated with immortality. It was believed to increase mental acuity. Crush the leaves between your fingers while visualizing money coming into your life. Eating sage on nine consecutive mornings was said to relieve the ague but only if you were also fasting. Sage has been utilized to ensure a long life-sometimes-even immortality. This is done by eating some of the plant every day, or at least in May. Sage is carried to promote wisdom, (ÂHe who would live for aye Must eat sage in May.Â) and the leaves are used in healing and money spells. Sage is used in healing amulets, incenses, and sachets, and is also used in the same manner for bringing prosperity. Burned in the home, it removes impurities and banishes evil, as well as providing protection. Burn the leaves, and walk the smoke to the four corners of the room to repel and rid negative energies and influences. Especially good when moving into a new home. Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy against you. Aids in summoning up your courage to face things or do things you just don't want to do but have to. To guard against contracting the dreaded evil eye, wear a small horn filled with sage.

It is bad luck to plant sage in your own garden. A stranger should be found to do the work. A full bed of sage brings ill, so ensure that some other plant shares the plot.

Do not cut sage with metal. Sage only prospers where the wife rules. Sage is supposed to grow best in the gardens of the wise, and was once thought to flourish or sicken as its grower's fortunes did likewise. If a bride carries sage (the herb of wisdom) she will become wise. Toads love sage.

BTW, since you're interested in such things, I'd be very happy to have any similar information you have on ANY other herbs!! I'm always looking for anything to do with herbs.

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You want Salvia apiana. It is very easily grown from seed. In colder climates (like mine), it is grown as an annual, as it won't survive harsh winters. I get enough for several smudge bundles though. Good luck!

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The type of sage (or similar herbs) used probably depends on which tribe of native Americans you're researching, as native sage species will vary based on location (there are numerous varieties in California alone).

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Which "native americans"?

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Lazy: cherokee and apache tribes were/are the natives referred to.

Daisy: I'd love to share my knowledge with you, but you'd be greatly disappointed for I'm a massotherapist trying to cleanse myself/space/clients of evil spirits and negative energies.

Betty: thank you for the genus. there are many types to choose from. I'll enjoy the rewards of researching this particular kind.

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james, after the smudging to drive out negative energy, make sure you then smudge to bring in good energy. Sweetgrass or lavender work nicely. Also, if any of your clients can't abide smoke due to asthma or other problems, you might look for a white sage room spritz. All the smell of white sage without the smoke.

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wow! you guys are GREAT! have helped me out tremendously and I greatly appreciate it. I am going to try a few different sage plants and feel which is more effective. if anyone may think of anything else later in time, feel free to post or email me personally. Thanks again!

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lilamy(zone 8a)

white sage and sweetgrass work best at energy clearing... you might also try to keep some prehnite on works great for protecting your own person and your space. :)

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

The sages used by Native American are the Artemisia family or sagebrush, not salvia

From The Sweetgrass Gardens website (

PRAIRIE SAGE, Artemisia ludoviciana
This non edible plant has very fragrant foliage that is light green/silver in colour. Western natives, especially the Shoshone and Paiute used the leaves as a wash for sores and rashes. Peji'ho'ta ape'blaskaska is the Lakota name that means grey herb with a flat leaf. Ojibwa also used this herb as a horse medicine. Dried sage is also used by Natives for smudging and ceremonial purposes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweetgrass Gardens

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My understanding is that "sages" used by Native Americans involved plants of the genus Salvia as well as Artemisia.

These included Salvia lyrata ("cancerweed") which was utilized among other things to treat wounds, S. apiana (white sage) and chia (S. columbariae).

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After your cleansing, try acorns or oak leaves, oak bark etc for protection. The oak tree is the best protection I know of. Keeping anything that has fell off (by itself) in the home will rid you of any evil and protect from any entering. I even burn some leaves and/or a few fallen twigs in a fire. Nice if you have a fireplace but not necessary.

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The same claims are made about Sage helping longevity that you run into for Lemon. There must be principles in this plant that are quite helpful--I wonder what they are?

I have occasionally had Sage tea...may have to try it again.

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This thread is indeed quite long-lived.

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Hi! In ceremonies, we've used white sage to clear negative energy and sweetgrass to encourage/invite positive energy. -- e.g. we burn sage first then sweetgrass. Both are also wonderful for "refreshing" dreamcatchers (cleansing them of caught dreams).

Chia is an extremely healthy, energizing seed that can be eaten raw by the (small) handful or incorporated in breads, added to salads, etc. Can be grown as an outdoor annual at least as far north as Z6. It's the Chia in Chia Pets. Bulk by the pound, it's cheap.

BTW, frankincense is also a great for clearing negative energy, hence its long life in the RC church. Very smokey resin burned on incense charcoal; I prefer the essential oil in a diffuser. Or, try putting a couple of drops essential oil in your rinse water when washing floors. The difference in the air is very noticible afterwards.

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