Permanent dark eye circles?

Hapslappy(Mi z5b)April 21, 2004

Hi everyone, My boyfriend has what seems to be permanent dark circles under his eyes and around his eyelids. I always thought it was "cute" for some reason, but it really makes him embarrassed. He says he's had them for at least 12 years (he's 30). I've searched online for something on this subject, & find lots about "puffy" eyes, but not dark circles (that aren't puffy). Do potato slices work for dark circles, or is there some kind of herbal solution? This does not have anything to do with sleep, I just don't get it. Thanks for any help, Shannon

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He has allergies?

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Allergies can cause puffy, dark circles.

Look at your boyfriend's family. Pigmented in the skin around the eyes runs in families and is common in people with olive complexions. Other than using concealing makeup, there is no treatment.

Reassure your boyfriend that you find it cute, he should not be embarrassed by normal, genetic variation.

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Nobody else in the family (that we know) has this - I finally found something saying that it may be from eye-rubbing. That sounds the most logical so far (in his case). Oh, well - I'd take the dark circles over my problems any day, although they probably don't look as "cute" on a girl! Haha, thanks guys

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Hmm, if he is rubbing his eyes a lot, he may well have allergies. Or he may have an inflammation of the eyelids like blepharitis or acne rosacea. Has he seen an eye doctor?

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erphy(waikato NZ.z9)

if he smokes tabacco this can cause dark circles under the eyes..if his diet is not well balanced/or he tends not to eat enough...or he is in stress or not sleeping ..all of the above will do it

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bellowbelle(z5 MA USA)

I still usually have the dark bags under my eyes, after stressful times (can be often...), but, I did find a product that seems to help. It's the Wolfberry Eye Cream sold by Young Living Essential Oils. After prolonged daily use, I did see results (then, kinda got lazy about using it every day).

The price seems a bit high, but it lasts for a loooong, looong, time!

Here is a link that might be useful: Young Living (see personal care products)

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There are other causes for dark eyes besides allergies. I was the only one in my family every to have them, and I got rid of them when I got the kidney surgery which I needed badly to correct a genetic problem.

I still have severe allergies, but I know how to control them with natural remedies.

Other people have had those eyes during the final stages of cancer or other serious diseases. Don't ever treat the problem lightly. Forget about the cosmetic aspect. Find out what is wrong. In my experience, it has always been something serious.

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Dark eye circles are a sign of iron defiency, anemia. You can possibly make them less noticable if you add some iron to your diet. Dont bother with vitamins. They dont work the same as a natural diet and will cause constipation :0

Just add some iron rich foods. Red meat, liver, and broccoli to name a few. There are also many herbs that are rich in iron. Get out an herbal book to find ones you can aquire were you live. Make sure your diet is brood with many complimentary proteins.
Why are people anemic? could be heretity, poor stomach(ulcers), low blood presure, hemoglobin counts are low.
I like to add liver to any pregnant meat eating animals diet or animal living outdoors in winter. Helps them maintain their heat and utilize their food better.

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eat right
stop smokin
work out

other than that it's severe depression or genetic and he's cursed with that cute racoon face forever. =(

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My son is from Portugese/Italian decent (on his fathers side) Irish on mine. He looks just like his father (bad for me since we are divorced, but he was a handsome man, and so is my son :^) ) He is starting to get the dark circles. Only the father had them in his family (only son) so hard to say.
I agree with the iron defiency, anemia. Have him go to the Dr. and let us know, I am curious and this post is a month old :^)

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Some people have permanent dark circles (without puffiness) under their eyes simply because they are fair and the skin is thin in that area. If your boyfriend has a light colored complexion it may be that there is nothing he can do about it.

It is worth investigating allergies or iron deficiency, but barring those conditions, it may just be his natural coloring.

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Well, We have both quit smoking since February 21st! Whoooohooooo! I never thought it would happen, but it has. He's also started working out again since then & feels better than ever. The other day I heard his mom say to him "you're eyes look a lot better lately, honey." And they do! :0)

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whitejade(z5 MI)

I'm thinking with Marie on the kidneys - oriental medicine says kidney imbalances will show up around the eyes like that. Has he had a physical lately and checked his kidney function? (I have always thought that our major problems when we are older begin much, much earlier and they start with what seem like silly clues like this where no pain or anything is involved! )

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Hey im 14 and i had dark circles since i was a baby all my pictures of me when i was little i had dark circles (without the puffyness) and im so mad becuase i put make up on but it wares away in a short time. I want to try that one formula from Hylaxin but i dont want to spend 90 dollars if im not sure if it will work.

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My husband and his mom both have this and her doc said it is from lack on Vitamin K and B12.


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I knew somebodywith dark rings under the eyes and what she did was just to put vedgetables on the eyes or a cold spoon that had been in the freezer for a couple of minutes.


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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

Dark circles are hereditary. They often pop up in people with olive skins. Meditteraneans, Indians, South Americans, Hispanics. Middle Easterners, Northern Africans etc. I don't know since this is probably just how his skin looks (see Benecio Del Toro etc.) if there's anything to "fix" it. But cornflower water has been used for centuries to help with skin around eyes and elderflowers are supposed to be a skin "bleacher".

Here is a link that might be useful:

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could it just be lots of those little veinlike things halfway between veins and capillaries. as the skin is thinner there, just the mass of them under the skin, the red artey thy tlittle ves;e thigs don't show so clearly being red no blue.
(i'v just done higher tier biology GCSE, how can i not know the names for all the vesles int the circulatory system)

if u'v been smoking the the reduced levels of oxygen in your blood make even the blood int the arterythings darker and caosequentialy in placed of high vesel concentration with thin skin (such as round the eyes) appears darker.

another way round it is to dress all in black, wearing only silvery jewelery rather than any gold. big boots and some good piercings. then it won't llok out of place and it will apear intentional (o rite, don't forget theblack hair dye)

only joking. whats the betting only i shall find this funny.

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raptorrunner(Z4/5 NE Nebr.)

I have those too. I have hay fever for 2 months a year, but the allergist says they are common on those what have hay fever. But as for something *necessarily* being wrong, I don't agree.

And people get used to me, after all if they don't like the dark circles, they can always look at the funky fang tooth ... or the ... or the ... gee looks just are not that important unless you're in certain businesses.

I did like the fashion advice, though! I have never noticed if black helps or hinders as far as noticing the dark circles. I do know that fluorescent light makes everything look worse. Natural light is waaaaay better!

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Dark circles in Chinese medicine that have a blue-ish tint
are due to kidney imbalance. In western medicine they are
due to adrenal burn-out. Try adrenal glandulars and N
acetal cysteine. If stress from change is occuring add
B vitamins and C, minerals and an adaptogen that works for

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I'm a 20 year-old male and I also have dark circles under my eyes but no puffiness or bags, just very dark circles. Most of the causes that I have heard of or read about do not apply to me. For example, I get plenty of sleep (maybe too much), I work out every other day, and I don't think I have any kindney problems so overall I would say that I am a very healthy person. But these dark circles under my eyes look like I just fought someone and lost. I probably tried almost everything out there from creams to vegetables and nothing seems to work for me. The only possible explanation I can think of is heredity because my mom also has dark circles. I guess I have no choice but to deal with it.

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sheilaschnauzies(Z5 Eastern Nebraska)

My allergy doc told me once that dark undereye circles that don't go away are typical "allergy eyes." My son is highly allergic in general and has them also. Is your b/f allergic to lots of stuff?

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I have had dark circles under my eyes, actually all around my eyes for many years. (no bags) My mother has very dark circles (almost like a raccoon people have said to me!!) and my brother has them also.

I do not have any alergies. I have tried some over-the counter stuff; it just took some time to take effect and it was really subtle. I am just so..oo sick of having them and people often think I look sick or need make-up to look good. Often in pics it is un-noticable. All I know is that I have had them for at least 12 years. Thanks for all the information.

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I'm 35, and my dark circles have gotten progressively worse from my teenage years onward. I can relate to anxiety burn-out and stress, I definately had some of that going on. Lately, it seems the dark circles are wider, and now showing some "veins" and "spots". Is this an age thing? I'm pretty happy-go-lucky now, and not too much stress. I don't smoke, and sometimes drink a few on occasion. I do lift weights. My diet has been less than excellent, so I am looking at all suggestions for better food combinations and incorporating whole foods and mineral supplements. One friend recommended enzymes and said that I was not processing protein. Thanks for the comments.

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I'm 23 and also have dark circles and a very noticable large Y-shaped blue vein running from the bottom of my lower left eyelid down to the edge of my left circle. I also have many smaller less noticeable red veins (varicose veins I guess). From what I've read here it seems as though I have them for good reason.
I've had sleeping disorders caused by anxiety and stress that have gone on for years. I think I may be bi-polar but I've never been diagnosed and don't know for sure.
In any case I can't sleep because I get stressed over my past. I used cortate steriods for eczima when I was a kid... and i probably rubbed the crap in my eyes by accident during that time (I was told it was just anti-itch stuff). I smoke cigarettes (pack a day), eat poorly and don't exersise. And these dark circles and veins seem to fuel my anxiety and keep me from doing anything about them.
Anyway that's too much information. I'm going to see a doctor about them and my anxiety soon.. I'm just wondering what are the chances that I can make these things go away (the circles and the veins) or am I stuck with them. Thanks for any replies.

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You sound pretty down Lowan, and similar to how I felt about 10 years ago. I didn't have the black under the eyes problem, my wife actually has the condition, but I did feel very similar to you with anxiety, poor appetite, no exercise and far too many cigarettes.

One day whilst I was off work feeling ill, I decided I was going to do something about the way I felt. The next week I started doing gym (which was ambarrasing since I was such a skinny guy) I changed my smoking habits so that I only smoked when I had a alcoholic drink and I made sure I had at least 4 meals a day. Within 6 months I felt completely different, I had put on weight, and felt much healthier. I also felt more confident, and I started joining in physical activities that I would never have dreamed of doing before.

The doctors can't do anything for you but fuel your condition with strong mind numbing medication. You are the one in control, and you can make it happen. I am now in my mid thirties, and the anxiety, and general depressive feelings have not come back since those early days. I've stopped smoking completely, and I'm still a regular at our local gym with 18" biceps to show for it! It is never too late to change your life around. I wish you well.

By the way my wife and daughter both have the black eye condition, so in their case it definetely is hereditory. However I believe there is definetely treatment for this condition, and if you feel uncomfortable with it you should do something about it.

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I used to get compliments about my non-existent dark circles, but about one year ago I began to see the suckers emerge:( I have thought of going to a doctor, but like someone said, he or she will probably give me medicine and I'm already full of that.
First of all, I'm not old. I will turn twenty in May. I have allergies and severe eczema, and I eat regularly (but not healthy stuff, I might add), I don't go out much because I'm too depressed to (have been really depressed since I was about twelve), and also, I am a sociophobic. I have quit school because of my depression. I sleep, but very irregularly and I tend to go to bed at 2AM or later. So maybe it's not so odd I get these circles, but I am very sad because of them.
If I started to live healthier, would there be a chance that they'd go away? Or will they stay there forever, growing worse day by day? Any respond would be of use:´(

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Wow, it was a long time ago I started this thread. Well, we still haven't smoked cigarettes in a long time & have been exercising regularly. He still has the dark circles. They're a little better, but certainly not gone. I don't believe it has much to do with sleep.... there's a difference between my lack-of-sleep-circles & his everyday ones. I just don't know. Shannon

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Well after 20 mins to signup to post I will write it again because it lost the post. I have very dark circles since my teens, infact I have the worse dark circles I have ever seen on anyone else. I have tried everything, doctors have tested my kidneys, blood and what ever. seems they are just part of me. People do treat you different when you have them, like something is wrong with you. I wear glasses all the time to try to cover them. The best I am able to do is lighten them a little. hylexin is working a little problaaly the best results I have had with anything. seems a little expensive but it did lighten my eyes in about a month of use(a little lighter). Someone I know even made a comment that they where lighter. I will keep trying it, we will see. I am 51 and had a lifetime of these dark circles I hate them, so if anyone knows of anything better let me know. I own a christmas company so I am not pluging hylexin but it did work a little so far

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Over the last two years I have had to deal with dark circles not just under my eyes but around them too. People generally are not kind about it. I wanted to tell everyone that I do believe it often is related to anemia. Although, I have taken multivitamins with iron, it wasn't until I added extra vitamin c tablets that I have noticed my circles are starting to fade. I have read that vitamin c aides in the absorption of iron. It has been 3 weeks since I started the extra vitamin c and there is a noticeable difference. I am really excited that they may actually disappear and wanted to let others know. I know people think I either get no sleep or I do drugs. False to both of those.

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I've tried many of your suggestions and did not see any noticeable difference. It has been very frustrating for me. I believe I have been borderline or anemic for a few years and am seeing some improvement of my dark circles since I changed my diet, added more fluids and recently started the multivitamin with iron and extra vitamin c.I think everyone should try as many of the suggestions offered to see what works best for them.

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bramble_farm(Zone 7)

Dark eye circles can be a sign of chronic dehydration. I had them for years until I was told that. I can always tell when I haven't been drinking enough because my upper eyelids start to turn a light brown color, like an eye shadow. I found that I had to drink between 70-80 oz (2-2.5 liters) of water (not including caffinated OR high sugar beverages) to keep them from being visible. Most people get no where near the amount of water they really need.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

I'm w/ ayzee on the idea that there might a number of different reasons for dark circles - everyone is different & may be sensitive to or lacking in different things.

I know I had them real bad when I was younger & my body/lifestyle was much more toxic than it is now.I thought it hereditary (& I have VERY thin, fair skin).

But since I've eliminated all pharmaceuticals & processed foods(white sugar & flours, fats, meats, 'junk' foods), coffee, soda, & eat 99% organic, my under-eye concealer is a thing of the past.

My BIL is from Peru - he is dark-complexioned & has very dark circles around his eyes - & lotsa food sensitivities & stress as well.I imagine that even if he purified his life completely, he would still have some darkness around the eyes

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I have them from heredity so almost impossible to remove. So far what i came up with....

Works somewhat: aloette eye restore, beuticontrol eye cream and juice organics eye treatment.
Helps: sleep, drinking water, less stress, excercise.
Long term: use sun block and antioxidants such as vit C products made for eyes.
Always: concealer

Hope this helps!

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I actually have the opposite problem. Most of my face is a normal color I guess except under my eyes, where it is ghost white. It is especially noticeable in the summer if I happen to get some sun because the area under the eyes will not tan no matter what. But even all year round it is present. The best way to describe it would be to picture someone who has been out skiing all day wearing goggles. In fact, people tell me ALL THE TIME that I must have been outside wearing sunglasses even though I never wear them. Has anybody ever heard of anything like this before? Is there anything I can do? It has been like this for at least 10 years. I am 30 now. Thank you.

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I think you should be checked for anemia. Iron deficiency may cause the whiteness under your eyes.

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I've had extremely dark circles around my eyes for several years now and I'm only 16. I have no choice to cover it up with makeup which I feel uncomfortable about and don't want. Noone in my family has such dark circles so i doubt that it is hereditary. I have tried 'Fade Out' cream and eye patches but they have made no difference. I have also tried cucumber slices and tea bags but no difference. I get enough sleep and do not smoke. I rub my eyes alot but only because they are itchy. Can you suggest anything?

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Does anyone know if "Hylexin" works?
it is for serious undereye dark circles.
I don't know if i should really spend $95 dollars for it.

not only do i have dark undereye circles (no puffiness) but my skin also SINKS IN under my eyes. Sometimes i want my eyes to be puffy so it wouldn't sink in so much and contribute to the undereye darkening. =(

i'll try the whole iron and vitamin C diet though! I really hope it makes an improvement.

It stinks when people ask me if i've slept, or ask if i'm a "crackhead" because of my dark circles.

Thank you for posting up suggestions though!
I actually went to go donate blood, and they told me that i couldn't do it, because my iron levels were too low. So that anemia thing makes a lot of sense to me right now haha.

-Malisa, 18

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What is the connection between dark circles and depression? I'm reading a book on depression, in which the author, remembering a relative's depression, says "I must not have noticed the dark circles under her eyes, which I now know to look for."

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mommystuff(z9/10 Cent FL)

Hi Everyone,

I too have dark circles under my eyes. I started using Hylexin about 14 months ago. It worked within 3 days! I was skeptical about it, but since it came with a money-back guarantee I decided to give it a try. I has been a phenomenal find for me, but is expensive. Now the really good news. I found a product at CVS that has the same ingredients and works just as well!! It's called PreVentin AT and the packaging looks like the Hylexin. I've been using the CVS brand for about 8 months now and it only costs $19.95. I only use it once a day now, before bedtime, and the darkness has not come back. To be honest I have to tell you I do still have some shadowing under my eyes, but it is very light compared to before I started using the Hylexin and CVS product. Hope this info helps all of you.
Blessings, Kelly

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To mommystuff. Thanks for the tip on the product at CVS. I will definately try it! The product I've seen on TV it outrageously expensive. I am also going to try adding more iron to my diet. I have gotten back on Vitamin C. Maybe with the three, I will fix this. I have had dark circles for years, and they seem to be getting darker. Concealer works somewhat, but has anyone ever noticed what you look like in a picture? You look like you smeared white paint under your eyes.

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Went to CVS and got the cream. It was 24.99 here. Ran over to Walgreen's while I was out, and they have what might be a comparable for 19.99. If this works, and when I need more, I will take the box and compare igredients. Thanks for the tip, here's to lighter eyes! :)

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Hi mommystuff, i tried Hylexin and it didnt help me at all, i've also tried Ocuderm and circle clear and they didnt work either!

I read on another forum that i-balm is meant to be a good product for dark circles, i just started using it 4 day's ago and i'm pretty sure i can see some results already, i will keep you all updated.. have anyone else tried or had any success with i-balm?

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dance nations: I have not heard of i-balm. Is it in the eye care section of the drugstore? I have been using the Preventin AT, supposedly the generic to Hylexin for 9 days now. I don't think I'm getting any results at all. Maybe a tad, but wonder if it's wishful thinking. HELP

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Where I can to find I-BALM?

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This may not apply to anyone but statistically it will apply to a few. as high as 40% of out population is infected by some parasite or another. Pumpkin seeds and the shell will kill intestinal worms. Your bady may naturally keep them in check enough that youdon't know but they can also get out of hand till it is impossible to ignore.
You might try a bag of pumpkin seeds. Maybe it's just a worm? ha

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Okay, the Preventin AT does not work. Been using it religeously since January 15th, and it was a waste of money. I will look for the I-Balm if the poster does not reply as to where it can be purchased. Went to a website by entering I-Balm, and it seemed to be something else.

Amazon: what does intestinal worms have to do with this topic?

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I'd seriously look at cleaning out the liver & kidneys with products from the health food store...glandulars, vitamins, and herbs.

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The first few responses in this thread got to the heart of the matter. Allergies or genetic predisposition (for instance, pale skin that accentuates the deep purplish tone imparted by blood vessels under the eye) are likely sources of dark eye circles. Lack of sleep and excess alcohol consumption could be related factors. Iron deficiency anemia is an unlikely cause (though pale skin due to anemia may accentuate existing dark eye circles).

As far as over-the-counter solutions, cosmetic coverup products may be helpful.

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Sorry for the late reply... ermmm just type in i-balm into google and it's the 2nd search result down i think!!

Ive been using it for a while now... it's workin pretty darn gud, its not got rid of them completely but its reduced them by quite a lot!

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Oh and i don't think you can buy i-balm in the shops (well i havnt seen it anywhere) i bought mine off ebay!!

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lilamy(zone 8a)

I also have dark bluish eye circles. I have a genetic disorder that was just discovered and as it is treated my eye circles are getting lighter. My problem was with absorbing too much iron from my food and it building up in my system over the years and ultimately iron was being deposited in my liver, kidnies and other organs and joints. I will be 31 this year. Hemochromatosis is a VERY common disorder that is predominant in those of northern european and celtic descent. The bags under eyes may run in families, but doctors are finding more and more that there is a reason for them and it is often an early indicator of some small (or large) problem.

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I have had this problem for 25 yrs. My eyelids are a light brownish colour and under my eyes, especially under the inside corners near my nose. I never had bags. I have very thin fragile skin. I am very pale, blue-eyed and have a creamy complexion and of Serbian descent. No cream worked for me. When I put eyeshadow on, it changes colours and goes to a dull grayish reddish colour that I look sick.

I am low in iron and I hardly drink any water plus I do not eat meat however my mom also has this problem and she is blonder than me. So I guess it is hereditary. Some people have naturally thick skin in the eye area that it shows up as white - the blood vessels are stronger.

Also I think that the shape of the eye can contribute to shadows under the eyes. So that could be a double-whammy!

I just learned to live with it.

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I bought a product I heard on the radio, claimed a lot, as usual. It is called Hydroleyes. They send you a 30 day trial, but they will keep charging you if you do not cancel. I started using it but not as instructed or for more than a few days. I kept getting it in my eyes which would then get irritated, red eyes with dark circles lol great. So I cancelled after getting enough jars for 6 months. They were easy to get a hold of, offered a refund on the last shipment and were friendly about it. Good customer service. I pasted a link to a review site below, I type in Preventin AT, surprising review. Then I typed in hydroleyes, this is a good site for info, you can type in any cosmetic product and get unbiased info. I will try the hydoleyes again as instructed. This time I will use a mirror, so not to get it in my sensitive eyes. I will post again in a few weeks with results or lack of. Hope this is helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: Beautiful Review

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Hello there. I am a 20/M and have had dark full circles right around my eyes for around 5-6 years, before that they just started out as a little dark patch between my eye and nose. They progressively got worse since then. I have been depressed, I smoke (cannabis also), I have just recently started to exerise and eat healthier (well actually just eat less ;p), but I do not put it down to any of that. What I put these circles down to is an over developed muscle under the skin (I squint almost constantly, didn't even realise to a few year ago) and rubbing of the eye. Ofc I'm no doctor and chances are I'm wrong so please don't quote me ;p. I'm not bothered about them, they are common and can always resolve it with laser surgery.

P.S. A tip to reduce the visibility for a few hours. 1st of all a good sleep 8-10 hours. A lack of sleep amplifies the darkness, although saying that so does too much hehe. Wash your eyes with a strong soap, or alcohol cleanser to take away any grease(it relfects light and makes it look worse). Last of all have two ice cubes wraps in cling film or plastic and place on every part of the dark circles and all around (including above eye lid) firmly pressing for 10 mins before moving onto another section of the dark circle. This lightens the complexity and taughts the skin of my eyes enough to have a confident night out.

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There are many possible causes. The circles are symptoms of many different conditions.

One not mentioned: mouth breathing is associated with facial aging, including dark circles around the eyes.

In addition to the idea of kidney deficiency, both Chinese and western medicine recognize something along the lines of blood stasis or hypercoagulation.

If the problem is caused by hyperpigmentation (melanin), then nothing short of skin bleaching (quinone creams or laser procedure) will do much good. Not a good place to put that type of cream - to close to the eyes.

Another thing to consider: capillary fragility. This is a result of many different 'causes' of eye circles. Allergies and sinusitis result in lots of histamine release around the eyes, which disrupts capillary health. Lack of exercise does this. So does metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Increasing anthocyanin pigments in the diet (fruits, veggies, some grains and legumes) can help with this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Study finds topical Vitamin K, A, E, and C help some with eye circles.

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Here's another study that found that two types of plant compounds (somewhat related to camphor and pinene) increased nitric oxide and micro-circulation of the skin on the face. It resulted in some improvement of eye circles, and had a more pronounced effect in reddening lips.

Again, this won't help if the problem is too much melanin pigment. Not sure where to get these two plant compounds in the appropriate strength ... maybe pine rosin? Dunno. This research is not ready for prime-time, but it sheds some light on one cause of eye circles - poor microcirculation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bicyclic Monoterpene diols and blood circulation on the face

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Im not sure if someone has mentioned it yet so Im sorry if I am repeating what others have said.

I recently learned that taking and or eating alfalfa helps. Now if I can just remember to take the alfalfa pills everyday then perhaps I will notice the darkness under my eyes getting lighter.

Also food allergies and low iron can cause it. Probably all forms of allergies can cause it.

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Hi, I too suffer from dark under-eye circles, ever since I was in my late teens. Someone guessed my age at 29 when I was 18!! I think I have found the cause(es) and this may help someone. Five years ago, after having some random tests at the docs, it was discovered there was an excess of blood in my urine. To cut a long story short, I have been diagnosed with a kidney condition, which I may have had for twenty years without ever knowing. I had no specific pain, and would never have known. I also found out I have only 2 stores of iron, instead of 30-120. As a result, I am monitored every six months. For me, it is not the end of the world - I have just slowly changed my lifestyle. I have given up alcohol, and I limit my intake of processed foods. I take a natural liquid iron supplement (Spatone) with pomegranate juice (no constipation!). I no longer take medications unless absolutely necessary. I go to the gym 3 times a week, I walk my dogs nearly every day. I wear sun-block and a hat on a sunny day. I consciously stop myself from rubbing my eyes - yes, I'm allergic to household sprays and perfumes, and probably a whole bunch of other chemicals I don't know about, so a use a steam-mop to clean the floors. I have taken baby-steps to improve my quality of life, and slowly but surely my black-eyes are becoming less noticable, and a side-effect is I've lost weight and feel happier. My best friend once asked me "How do you eat an elephant?" the answer is "in bite-sized chunks". One step at a time :)

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You can go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and gets restylene injections if you have tried all else and nothing works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dark circles

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hi, i am 22 years old and male, and have had dark circles for ages now, but they got worse in the last year, probably due to my bad lifestyle. i stare at the computer almost all day and sometimes all night. i didn't realize this would effect me until i read it. so just so you all know, try to have breaks from the computer as to much computer glare could damage the under eyes. also, my bad diet probably made my eyes worse.

i have tried all sorts of creams and take vitamins but nothing has worked.

But now, i am actually seeing results with a cream i found. it has not completely rid my circles, but i can see they have faded and im only 2 weeks into using this cream.

The cream ( well, its like oily liquid ) is called ''Nur76 Fade Out Under eyes''.

i have to say it is the best cream ive purchased so far.

it says best results are within 90 days im very exited as 2 weeks has already helped.

i will also try and get more exercise and cut out all the tunk food and soda i used to drink alot.

Also did you know maybe a detox will help? your body could be toxic. and this causes DARK CIRCLES. im trying a detox right now, in pill form though, i can't hack a food detox. i get too hungry lol.

just look it up online guys, im trying everything i come across in stages, i will get there i am determined to get rid of these completely, they are ruining my life, self esteem etc.

all the home remedies like tea bags and cucumbers etc, are just short term help. so don't think they will ''cure'' your dark circles, it will just help reduce inflammation and the tiny blood vessels under your skin for an hour or 2.

so remember, a good cream like nur76, will help from the outside, but you have to help your inside too. so eat good food and try a body cleanse! get rid of the toxins and parasites that you have built up over the years from all that junk processed food etc!

for the cheapest place to get nur76 go here:

it is �27. and also, you get 10% discount i think on your first purchase. enjoy :)

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Some would use slice of cucumber around the eyes to remove dark circles. I got dark circles before because I sleep late at night and I tried cucumber. Well, it lightens up.

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Bikram yoga. It has helped me tremendously. It's hot yoga, performed under 105 degrees., 1.5 hrs, you sweat so much that your kidneys take a break. I started drinking tons of water, and improved my diet significantly. I take vitamin K and I've noticed a difference - not under my eyes though but on my legs; I used to get bruises very easily, and with vitamin K I don't bruise at all.

I also stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, and trust me when I say that it is not a sacrifice; it's exactly the opposite, it has enhanced my life. I feel happy, calm, and true to myself. But back to dark circles - alcohol and cigs only hurt my appearance, especially around he eyes.

I also use coconut oil for around the eyes before going to bed, and see an effect too. I still have dark circles, but I swear by my bikram yoga practice - after each class when my blood circulation is at its peak, I don't see any darkness.

Do what works for you, but I agree with the two folks who talked about the kidney problems - the issue may be a lot bigger. I also agree with the theory that our biggest health issues start much earlier, when we are young, and we should examine and address every issue at an early stage.

With all of that said, healthy diet (natural foods only, nothing processed) and exercise to keep your circulation going, you be the best it you can be.


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I would second (Or third) the suggestion of allergies. Most people consider allergies to just be seasonal or related to environmental conditions, like ragweed, hayfever or animals. In reality, most of the allergies that cause dark eye circles are from food. Eliminating gluten and/or dairy will likely make a huge difference.

I eliminated gluten and dairy when my youngest was born. Until that point, I had always had dark circles. Once I eliminated, truly eliminated, those items, the dark circle completely faded. Be aware that you must completely eliminate the food to have any improvement.

As far as the hereditary aspect, many times allergies are hereditary also. Don't assume that you are stuck with dark circles! Your body is telling you something.

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