I'm worried about my pepper's growing conditions

TheCakePlantMarch 26, 2013

So I've been growing 5 types of hot peppers, and some tomatoes. But I'm worried about the conditions. Look at the picture, that's the amount of steam i get minutes after I wipe off the top, which may be too much water. And I'm not sure how dark I should have them either. Lid or no lid. Also on one of the tomatoe sprouts I there is a tiny bit of hair like white/clear stuff on it. Is that fungus? I couldn't get a picture of it. But I'm just worried about the conditions. What should I do? Also I have a heating pad under it if that helps. Thanks!

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They need bright, bright light. I would recommend turning he lid an inch to ventalate it as well.

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As soon as you see sprout you have to provide bright lights immediately otherwise the seedlings will grow leggy and weak and later fall down.

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I am doing the same thing you are and growing tomtoes and peppers. If the tomatoes are some what yellow thats a sign of to much water same with the peppers. If they are at least 1" high I think it is time to remove your lid and get some light on them. Some people may wait for the second leaf. But everyones conditions are different. I am using a florescent light on top of mine as close as I can get it about 8" closer is better. Its one of those like in a factory, round with a magnifing glass in it. I have got it clamped to an art table and it is on 2hrs off 1 24/7(timer) . If it is cold where you are you can leave the heating pad. My peppers are about 2" and have been un-covered for a least 2weeks. Same for the tomatoes. Hope this helps

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