Strawberry soil conditions?

silent88March 18, 2013

I bought some strawberries to try yet again to grow them this year. Last year was a disaster (along with the many half-hearted tries before I got seriously into gardening), but the success of my winter garden got me to think I may be able to grow them... But anyways, I'm not sure if my soil is right! I have garden soil that is a compost/sandy mix from the original soil the landscape person brought in (not the best soil), and my added (for my winter garden) soil which seems to be very high quality soil it's mostly compost but apparently has things like chicken manure, volcano rock pumice, worm castings, etc. Anyways, I amended part of it again for my summer garden with the same vegetable garden mix. For my strawberries I also mixed in some acidic soil (mostly from peat moss), and some organic azalea fertilizer (main acidifier is cottonseed meal). However, I added hardly any, and with our hard water (avg pH of 8.0 according to water report), I wonder if this will be acidic enough? Maybe I will add vinegar to the water I use in the future? What do you all think? I'd really love yo be successful this year and taste some delicious homegrow strawberries!! Thanks!

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If you're not sure about your pH, the first thing to do is test your soil, not amend it.

Strawberries aren't blueberries, they don't need a really acid soil. You could be way over-amending with no way to know this.

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