Question re: Pruning Cherries w/the 'Vertical Axis System'

njbiologyMarch 20, 2010


I wish to grow a number of sweet cherry trees, all on Gisella-6 dwarfing root-stock. I'm going to employ the 'Vertical Axis System' but I need some help understanding a very basic fundamental of the technique.

I assume I will be growing the trees 12' tall x 8' wide for a narrow Christmas-tree effect.

The question is this: are most of the branches going to run two-dimensionally (i.e. east to west, and none north to south; or, just the same, north to south, but none east to west) just like a Christmas-tree shape cut out of construction paper...which would be a sort of Christmas-tree shape mixed with the espalier concept?

Or is it simple a 12' tall x 8' 3-dimensional Christmas-tree with the same wide all around.

I hopefully worded this somewhat well enough.

Thank you,


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