Is This Herbalism???

LimoWreck(3)April 26, 2005


Sorry in advance for a stupid question.

My friend has had a dream of growing plants to make botanical shampoos and moisturizers since she saw the movie "Practical Magic".

She has been looking up schools for a long time using the term "herbalism". She can only seem to find schools that focus on the medicinal nature of plants. I can see the connection, but she can't.

Is herbalism the right name for this? Would it require a degree of some kind for her to sell anything she created? Would she need a license?

I really appreciate any responses.


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There's a connection if the product(s) have any benefit in moisturizing skin or making hair look better. It's doubtful whether more than a small fraction of the commercial products on the market really do anything except make the buyer feel like they are using a "natural" product.

No degree is mandated to do this (experience or training would be a good idea). Other requirements should be the same as for any other small business (i.e. re taxes, withholding etc.).

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

She will need to check on the local laws in her country, state and city. There may be requirments around making cosmetic products and what ingredients are allowed, this would apply whether plants were in them or not.

If she makes a claim that her products can change body function or treat disease, there will likely be much more strict regulation than if she only claims that they will make hair smell and look nice.

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I make my own soaps and lotions... it is fairly easy, though, making soap is a little high on the overhead... if you make the GOOD stuff with shea butter and such. She'd better hurry up, the market is getting glutted with soap crafters. I wouldn't promise her riches with her dream....

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