Severe Neck and Back Pain Part 3

georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)April 24, 2009

Hi Gringojay, I can lay on my back for a short time and can lay on my stomach also, but I can't breath very well on my stomach. I tried to do some easy sit ups, but soon gave it up as just a few completely wore me out and my blood pressure got a bit high, so I'm doing some where I set in a chair and try and reach around my back, then do the same with my other arm, then I raise my arms over my head and then reach down and touch my feet along with bringing up my leg and holding it then I do the same with my other leg. This stretches my arms legs and back and I also turn my head back and fourth, so that my neck gets stretched also. I know that there is other things I can do, but till I get to were I can stretch with out any pain I will just do them for a little while longer.

I'm trying to stay as positive as I can, and keep a happy face for my Grand daughters even when I don't feel good.

George W. MO.

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Hi georgew,
This is a forum for herbal use & for your situation there is little to choose from botanically.
I have used the root of the Noni tree for pain; but do not believe you will find it available. Frankly, I would be surprised if Noni root was of any benefit in light of the damage you describe.
Soon, I will post why asked the horizontal position which you can tolerate; must go out now.
You obviously know that the pain will be there - just wish that the pain not bother you intensely.

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Following is an adaptation of "Heel Breathing". This 1st part is a basis to develop practical useage.
Heel Breathing is obviously not about the lungs & oxygen. The tactic comes from Asia & seems to be older than the era of Buddhism.
(a) on a firm even surface lie on the back, as straight as comfortable
(b) head & neck ideally without pillows; arms & hands laid across the chest or
arranged as relaxed as can be
(c) movements performed are to be executed by the feet (any part of the rest
of the body that moves is ideally to be only a consequence of the foot
position changes that are done)
(d) when & as normally inhale air:
(d.#1) slowly bend the feet at the ankle, this is flexing & the top of the feet
will essentially point toward the head
(d.#2) accompany this flexing with an inward angling of the feet toward
each other (like making feet pigeon toed)
(e) when & as normally exhale air:
(e.#1) slowly unbend feet at the ankle, this is extending & the top of the
feet/toes will be pointing away from the head
(e.#2) accompany this extending with an outward angling of the feet away
from each other (like making feet splayed apart)

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hello GringoJay, thank you for the info on Heel Breathing I will most certainly give it a try, it should help me with my breathing, but will hep with conontrating and relaxing as well. this year I'm growing serveral medincinal herbs to increase my immune system along with my heart and lungs. I join this forum in hopes of finding a way or life style to help reduce my dependance on heavy medication for pain, I have used morphine for so long, nothing else seems to help relieve my pain. I know that there isn't any homepathic treatment for the amount of pain that I have, nor anyway to reverce the damage that my nerves in my back and neck has gone through now, but I keep hoping a treatment might pop up some where that would at least help with some of it. Anything is better than Nothing when you are on Morphine. I do thank every one for their comments, I just wish I had the options to try some of them, but with all my current problems most are out of the question. I will try the Heel breathing though As it should help me with relaxing and breathing.
George W. MO.

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