Introducing myself to the herb folks here

givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)April 29, 2009

Hi my name is Lucy and until now I mainly concentraded on flowers. Starting out with the love to Brugmansia's and going all over the place now to put variety in the garden.

But I really miss having herbs in my daily life.

I mainly use herbs for medical reasons and want to learn how it is here in the USA compared to germany. Where I was before I moved back to the states a little over 2 years ago.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of herb lovers on here. Regardless that I almost got discouraged again after reading a few postings. I do not want to step on anybodies toes. Just learn and read up on things.


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Hi give/get,
Forum benefits from participation; you'll certainly read some strongly stated opinions.
Feel welcome to bring up what interests you; everybody here with thin skin on their toes seems to have thick hides.

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Hi! Welcome!

Do you want to share which herbs you use for medicine?

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Thanks for the welcome

I WOULD share, but I only know the german names. Another reason why I am here lol In germany I used to make a tea for everyone at work with the flu. Low and behold after 3 days they were almost themselves again. If you translate *Schwertlilienwurzel* you come up with swordlilie roots. Now that alone is something I got to find. Daughter uses it for her 2 sons to get them well and she is almost out.

I did however made my own St. John's Worth oil and very sparingly use the dried pedals and leaves for tea.

Before I have to go to see a doctor I rather try to stay healthy or get back on track with herbs. That said I add that after coming back to the USA, it is just sad that you have to remind folks first that they should always seek a doctor's advice first. Out of fear someone is going to take you for every penny you got.

I had the best doctor in germany and he did diagnose a lot of things that were wrong with me. But until I went to alternative medicine, all the meds and visits to the doctor did not improve my condition.

Yes I go see a doctor if I break my leg or what have you.

Just mother natur has a lot to offer and why not use it?

saw is another Lucy here so I go by my given name.


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That's cute :) Ok... I agree with you on that one. Break a leg, don't put comfrey on it and hope it gets better, right? I try to stay healthy and not see a doctor. I'm pretty proud that I rarely have to see my doctor (strep throat from my dd is about the only thing, once a year!). Having a good diet, taking my vitamins and exercising is a good way for me to stay on top of my health.

I can't say I use herbs other than in cooking, on a regular basis at all. I do take milk thistle on occasion, and acidophiles pills. I also eat yogurt.

Recently a friend was saying they had issues with high fructose corn syrup. When they drank or ate something with it they got really bad pains in their shoulder that lasted for weeks. Regular sports medicine general practitioner doctor shrugged it off. I said, sounds like bursitis/gout. Recommended tart cherry juice and celery and MSM.

Amazingly, within 3 days there was no pain whatsoever. Then, because I had shown what diet can do for gout, the person started noticing when they ate shellfish... etc... they got the same joint pain. A big wake up call for them as far as diet.

I'm no herbalist. I just like to read, and to use as basic a remedy as I can find before going to the pharmacy.

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I'm new to this forum too. I have been using herbal solutions since I can remember. I truly do believe any answer we seek can be found in nature. You just need to know where to look. Anytime you want to swap info. let me know. I use herbs everyday! I don't take doctor prescriptions anymore even for severe daily pain from my neurological disease. I grew up in a family of herbalists.
I'd love to chat and trade info sometime. Give me a shout.

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Yay! Real people who use herbs every day!!

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I already take a med for high blood pressure, so if it still bothers me, I usually drink some dandelion tea or dandelion coffee substitute.

I am learning new things about herbs all the time.

My other favorite is horehound, for bronchitis, but I also like to use American elderberry flowers for that.

I have some pokeweed growing here and there in my garden, so I am thinking I may try to eat a few of the new leaves some day soon. I read it is safe if cooked in several changes of water.

Before the scare about comfrey leaves, I used to occasionally steam a few and eat them in the spring. They tasted a bit like asparagus...which makes me wonder....


I recently bought some acorn powder in a Korean grocerette, but don't know how to use it.


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It's important to learn the scientific name of the herb and the variety you are using. That way you can be sure it's the same plant in Germany or the USA or anywhere.
If you have gout/bursitis-like symptoms, you could try a healthy dose of Jalalpeno peppers, about equal to two or three whole peppers, sliced or chopped into a meal. It gives me relief from symptoms for about twice as long as 2 Ibuprofen tabs.

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Hey guys! its so very nice to have some real people here really intrested in herbs. I can't tell you how welcome you are. I don't come here often if you hang around i may be back.

Eibren, i've been eating polk salet greens since i was a little girl. The leaves here are just the right size now. I pick the leaves. Wash them twice in cold water.Parboil them twice than put them on to cook with a small amount of water,salt and bacon or ham cook them slowly about 35 minutes. I like them like that but some people like them mixed in srambled eggs. Hope you injoy them.

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