correspondence courses for herbalism

sorrel(z6 MA)April 1, 2004

Anyone know if any of the correspondence courses available on herbalism are any good? Usually I have a bias against "distance learning" programs, but maybe this is a case in which some might be valuable.... If anyone has done any, I'd like to know your perceptions.

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I have just started a herbalist course and love it. It is called The Herbal Healer Academy. The web address is: I hope this helps, let me know.

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bluewindsong(Tucson, AZ)

rosemary gladstar has a nice course that i'm takin gnow...

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Mrs_Peanut(z5b NY)

Clayton College of Natural Health has the most excellent courses that I personaly know of that are available. I did a lot of searching. They offer courses ranging from Family Herbalist to getting a PHd. The are well qualified. I am almost finished with a course now and highly recommend it. The course I am taking is thorough, well, rounded and leaves me with a great sense of knowledge and accomplishment.Their web site is
Good luck

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is clayton college accredited with anything out of curiosity?

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rosepetalsandcats(9 northern ca.)

Hi. I signed up for the herbal healer course, but was dissapointed. It is too simple, the information is not as detailed as other courses.

My favorite is The School of Natural Healing by Dr. Christopher. Their courses includes lots of video tapes that show you step by step how to make poltices, fomentation, creams, pills, and all the tricks. The videos also have lots of lectures by Dr. Christopher, Dr. Shultze and others. He has videos for men, women, and children that focus on specific conditions. He uses stories of actual healings to make the subject very instering and I am able to remember the material at a later date for personsl use. With the knowledge that I have accquired, I make my own tinctures and herbal teas. I have made ointments for itches, cuts, bug bites, and infections and they work.

The knowledge that you learn from the courses is priceless. If I was out in the woods and had some terrible thing happen, I would know how to treat it. I can't seak highly enough about Dr. Christopher's courses. He covers nutrition in one section. His classes also come with many audio tapes and books that are yours to keep.
You end up with a small reference collection by the time you are done.

I have not taken clayton, but at one time considered them. I found out their courses are not transferable to any university or college. It's a paper mill. I am sure you learn good information, but if you want more than that, I would recommend looking for a college in florida that has a bs degee in alternative medicine. It sounds real good and is accepted by other universities.

Good luck.

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rosepetal, which one of the courses did you take, the regular family herbalist? I'm still looking for the right one too...I've just discovered a few more:

for those of you who have completed the courses mentioned previously, how did they go?

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lunargoddess36(z5/Central NY)

I have been searching all over for an accredited school for Herbalism. I would like to eventually have a PhD in it. But I live in Central New York and the closest physical school is near Long Island! None of the colleges/universities around here have ANY herbal classes at all! I guess I'll have to take something online but it is SO expensive whereas if there was a school that offered it, I could get help from the Government.

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GingerH(z5 WI)

I'm also trying to decide which distance learning experience to pick. Has anyone got further advice? I'm just starting, poking around in kitchen chemistry, cosmetics, and want to learn more.

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

I have Dr. Christophers books and videos. It is very informative and thourough.
Susun Weed also has some courses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Susun Weed

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Dejur(Z 8 USA)

I am the person who initially started Susun Weed in the interest of Herbal Medicine. We were both teaching at some community colleges - she wild food gathering and homesteading, and self - Herb. Med.
Since then there have been many many schools and "experts" pop up. Beware - there are many out there that have little basis for their knowledge and some of these are "paper mills" and built on book-learning not practical experience. And also, there are many books written where it is obvious the author has simply read other books and distilled the info from other sources rather learn from an active practice or reliable resources. (because you see misinformation repeated).
If you are intending to open a practice -research if and what degrees or certifications your state will accept - and then go from there. If you do not wish to open a practice you can learn very well (and often better)from books or old-timers. Susun has a few good books. Juiliette de Bairclei-Levi can be trusted with your life (can be purchased through Susun's publishing company). Grieve's Herbals are very educational (old-time stuff). - Marina is the top alternative therapy for animals consultant in the US. She also can be trusted with YOUR life (and you animals).Schultz' info is good and solid. Christopher's - mostly solid (do not entirely agree with him at all times). If you have a book which disagrees with these above - distrust it.
To the person who recommended a BS in Alternative Med. in FL. I am surprised there is such a thing. Florida is about the most restrictive state there is.
Do not attempt to write me here. I only check the forum once every three months or so. Good luck to all- and persevere.

Here is a link that might be useful: botanical

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Hi. I've just recently gotten interested in herbs and their medicinal values, but really can't afford paying for a course right now. Can anyone tell me where I can learn more about them free of charge online?. I am also blind and use a screenreader, so print books do me no good. But anything that is online is available to me except for video clips of course. Thanks. Tresa

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I loved Heart of Herbs.
I have studied with Susun Weed and it was cool, but Demetria from Heart of Herbs is AWESOME.
She really spent time with me, emails, over the phone....

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I've just started Foundations in Herbal Medicine by Dr. Tierona Low Dog. Dr. Low Dog is an MD, herbalist and midwife. She was appointed by Bill Clinton to head the Alternative and Complementary Medicine Commission. This is a real science based course, but with high respect paid to tradition. I've liked what I have done so far!

BTW, lunargoddess, the NY Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY has a BS and MS in Oriental Medicine that is heavily herb based. Don't know how close that is to you...

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