what do you use native persimmons for?

cousinfloydMarch 13, 2013

Besides eating fresh and pudding (which my wife made last night and is always a treat) how else do you like to enjoy native persimmons? I really like them, but I'd like to find more to do with them, especially the frozen pulp (or any other way they can be eaten out of season.)

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There are multitudes of persimmon recipes out there on the 'net - puddings, cookies, cakes, pies, jelly, persimmon beer, etc.

Some - like Geneva Long, here, freeze nicely whole, and can be eaten like a popsicle.
I have made persimmon fruit leather by spreading pulp on a cookie sheet covered with plastic wrap and cooking at the lowest oven setting overnight(before I got a dehydrator).

Have dried D.virginiana - squashed or cut in half; just pop the seeds out when you go to eat 'em - not worth the work trying to remove 'em before drying, IMO. Some work better than others - Keener works best here - has high sugar and fiber content and seems to assume a 'chewier' consistency than some others that just seem to get HARD - but that may be an issue of me over-drying 'em.

The D.v.XD.k. hybrid, Rosseyanka, is great for drying; it's mostly seedless, and you can pick/cut them while still fairly firm, slice and dry; very tasty, and they lose astringency in the drying process.

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They make an excellent substitute for the dates in a date nut bread recipe. Very tasty!

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