pollination constant vs. pv distinction?

cousinfloydMarch 13, 2013

I just saw in one of Lee Reich's books that Smith's Best (Giboshi) is supposed to be a PVA variety, but Edible Landscaping and Just Fruits and Exotics seem to recommend it apart from pollination. Is the line between PC's and PV's a little fuzzy? I'm inclined to think that seedlessness is much preferable to whatever flavors the PV's may offer. I've really liked all the kakis I've tasted, and I don't think any of the ones I've tried have been pollinated. I recently planted an Izu, Hana Fuyu, Saijo, and Sheng, and I have a Wase Fuyu in a pot yet. I'm also interested in 20th century, Kyungsun ban si (sp?), Giombo, and maybe TamKam. What can any of you tell me about the pollination needs of any of these varieties?

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swvirginiadave(z6 VA)

Tam Kam and 20th Century are both PCNA varieties. I've had Tam Kam both pollinated and unpollinated. The only difference in the fruit was the presence of seeds in the pollinated fruit. It made no difference in taste. I believe that all PCNA varieties are the same in that they do not develop astringency without regard to pollination status.

Re the other types (PVNA, PVA and PCA), I have no personal experience, but from what I've read these all develop astrigency with the susequent loss of astringency facilitated by pollination (PVNA greater than PVA) or unaffected by pollination (PCA).

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Cousin Floyd,
I have wondered the same thing about smiths best concerning it needing to be pollinated. I can tell you that it does not need a pollinater at least in my climate and it is one I would highly recommend you add this one to your orchard. You will like it! It is a small tree, highly productive and the fruits ripen around Halloween and a few may ripen earlier than this. They have a very rich flavor and store well. And I have never seen sds effect this variety. What fig varieties are you having luck with in your neck of the woods?

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shane11, I have three decent-sized figs that all get votes for "best" from different people, none of which I know the name of -- presumably they are named varieties, but I got them as rootings from older, area trees -- plus one complete loser that's supposedly a black mission. I also have one young tree that I hope will take off this year that came from another unnamed area (NE Wilkes) tree with wonderful fruit, plus some cuttings from a tree in Statesville that I'm trying to root -- they tasted like they had honey injected into their centers. Maybe you can come taste them some time and maybe help me identify some, too. If I have better success with grafting persimmons this year, maybe I can get some scion wood for Smith's best from you for next year.

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