Arthritis and skin rash teas/compresses

RosemaryOsApril 22, 2012


Glad to find you all.

My question concerns two things but are of the same root question. For some time now, I have been making a potpourri tea from an eclectic array of herbs that I keep stocked in my kitchen. I use the tea for a refreshing morning and evening facial bath.

About two weeks ago a boil erupted under my skin and I used the tea along with a sprinkle of tea tree oil on the boil and it disappeared as if overnight.

So, I recommended to my sister that she use my tea concoction on a strange enflamed rash (of unknown diagnosis, but older sister says is staph) which my nephew keeps under both arms and which runs down to his belly and which the Doctor's antibiotics don't seem to touch. I also gave her a bottle of tea tree oil to drop into tea.

Once again, with hot compresses of the tea and a few drops of tea tree oil, the rash has diminished with a few more treatments may go away all together. The tea was a great help.

This is the second part of what I am going to ask:

Yesterday, I made a new batch of the tea (which I will give a list of ingredients at the end). As a sort of an imbibement ritual, I took a glass of the tea, and hontest to goodness, I felt the inflammation receding from the tips of my toes, which my hands and feet are the worst victims of my psoriatic arthritis, very bad pain and inflammation and I fall a lot because of sore feet.

Anyway, I haven't had to take a celebrex (2 a day, just so I can move) since drinking the tea yesterday. No pill last night, no pill this morning.

I would love to know more about what is working. Here is a list of the herbs that I threw in my concoction yesterday....

Goldenseal (1 tea bag)





Red Clover


Marshmallow Root


I use to follow Rosemary Gladstar, and so bought a lot of herbs which have been helpful over the years. But, since just throwing all of this together, I don't know if it is a single herb or combination or just luck.

I feel so much better today, than I have in a long, long while.

Thanks, Rosemary

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Addendum: I forgot to mention that the batch of yesterday had some new things added: arnica, marshmallow root, chapparal.

I know that chapparal has liver issues and it has raised my liver panel before (using it for cancer) so I wouldn't like to drink this tea too often without better understanding.

My guess is arnica...


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goldenseal is an astringent mucus membrane tonic, contrary to popular belief it is not an antibiotic sub. plantain, cleavers, chickweed, oats and to some degree marshmallow are vulneraries, ie wound healers that soothe and promote new cell growth. marshmallow is also a demulcent, very moistening and soothing to irritated tissues of all kinds. red clover and oats are both nutritive supplying minerals and some vitamins too. red clover and chaparral are blood purifiers, and chaparral does have anti microbial action.

arnica should not be taken internally but makes a fantastic skin wash or skin salve ingredient as it is very healing to sores, bruises, etc. it is only used internally as a homeopathic remedy. with that exception a great tea formula for healing skin issues, good job!

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Wow, thank you. So much more than I expected to learn.
Now, I know not to take arnica internally and that is a big help. Thank you so much for your answer and your encouragement!

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chaparral (or any herb for that matter) should not be used continuously for any length of time anyway. use it as a small proportion of the and then go off it for a couple-few weeks (applies to any herb you take daily).

for arthritis issues its hard to beat turmeric, a near panacea for arthritis and joint pain and inflammation in general. sounds like you have an herb store nearby...mix turmeric with either oregon grape or barberry root in equal parts by weight, powder together till very fine in a coffee grinder or something similar and make into a thick paste with honey. stir some of the paste into hot milk (avoid dairy milk if you have arthritis, almond or rice milk works fine) and drink a hot cup or two morning and night. this is an ancient ayurvedic remedy called golden milk, it has been used by yogis for millenia to increase flexibility of joints, ligaments and tendons to enable them to go deeper into yogic postures. start with 1 teaspoon 2x day and adjust dosage upward as needed to get should notice a difference within a week. a tablespoon or more 2x a day is not too much, can't overdose on this. again, remember to take a break from it now and then. be well!

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Thank you so much for your suggestion. Turmeric is well stocked in my pantry (as I love Indian food) but the barberry nor the oregon grape, not stocked yet!! I will go looking. Thank you so much.

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let us know how it goes with you rosemary, i'll be eager to hear your results, kk

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